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Drone Site Surveys

Drone Site Surveys are a specialist drone surveying company that delivers aerial surveys, data collection and other drone services across the UK.

As a company, we are SafeContractor, ConstructionLine Gold and SSIP accredited and are insured up to £10Million.

We offer visual inspections that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than traditional surveying methods.

As well as taking pictures for visual survey purposes, we also gather data that, when analysed through software, allows for accurate size, distance, volumetric, and thermal measurements to be collected.

Our fleet of drones and highly experienced fully licensed pilots carry out all types of working at height, scaffold-free inspections, enabling you to work smarter.

  • CAA Approved
  • Roof Surveyors
  • Experienced Pilots
  • Qualified Thermographers
  • Data Collection Specialists
  • Fully Insured
Constructionline Gold Surveyor
Safe Contractor Drone Pilot

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    Multi-Site & Large Portfolio Specialists

    Drone Surveying Company for Commercial & Domestic

    Drone Site Services provides remote image collection and measuring services for Surveyors, Housing Associations, Facilities Managers, Insurance Providers, Construction Companies and Property Professionals.

    Using the latest RTK drones, 3D scanning and photogrammetry software we can deliver geo-referenced, time and date-stamped imagery and data that can be shared with all stakeholders.

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    Benefits of Drone Surveying in Construction

    There are many benefits that drone surveying bring to the construction industry, however, the absolute number one must be safety. Inspecting at height is so much safer, easier, quicker, and cost-effective with drones while also mitigating the risk for onsite operatives.  

    As well as taking high resolution images for analysis, drones can also collect data and measurements.

    From the data collected, you can extrapolate Thermal Imaging, 3D Models, Topographic Surveys, Volumetric and Stockpile Data, Digital Surface and Elevation models and so much more.

    Which Drone is Best for Surveying?

    We have a variety of drones to carry out any job. Our experienced pilots understand the peculiarities and nuances of what each drone is capable of and chooses the right one from our fleet for your project.

    We have drones that are best suited to roof inspections, thermal investigations, aerial mapping, creating 3D models for measurements or even marketing shots!


    Here at Drone Site Surveys, we believe that drone services will soon be commonplace for routine, and more complex tasks. The way we help to bring this about is to develop safer, faster, cheaper and more innovative uses of drones.

    We are already seeing a shift in basic roof inspections, away from scaffolding, cherry pickers, road permits and lane closures etc. when a drone in normal circumstances can be airborne and have collected the imagery or data for an inspection before you have the quotes for scaffolding back.

    At Drone Site Surveys we are constantly looking how drones can improve our day to day lives whilst being safer and reduce instances of inspecting and working at height.

    If you have a construction project that you think could be improved by use of drones, but you can’t find anyone to help, then get in touch with us and we will do our best to help. 

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    Drone Site Surveys

    Roof Inspections by Drone

    Using one of our many different drones with our fully licensed and insured pilots, we can inspect and survey each roof element in detail.


    Our Thermal cameras can identify missing, damaged or complete insulation.


    We can capture imagery and video from every angle imaginable

    Drone Services for Inspection

    Roof Covering

    Inspect the condition of the roof covering close up by drone.


    We get up close to all rainwater goods, fascias and soffits.


    Image, Video, Data and Report Delivery

    Drone Site Services delivers all imagery and data via our secure password-protected portal. All images are available to be viewed upon receipt and downloaded at your convenience.

    Sectioned Overviews

    We aim to make viewing our imagery and reading our reports as easy as possible. With every job we provide coloured sectioned overviews so that you can easily see where the image you are viewing is located on the building/site. 


    Latest News

    The latest news from the world of drones & surveying. Follow us to stay up to date and in the know.

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