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Drone Site Surveys

Drone Site Surveys uses technology to offer construction professionals alternative visual options, enabling them to work smarter. Drones offer us safer alternatives to external work and working at height. Drone Site Surveys has drones for every task, whether you require highly accurate measurements, thermal investigations, site progress monitoring or even great imagery, we can deliver. Using the latest photogrammetry software aligned with RTK and Lidar Scanners enables huge amounts of accurate data to be extrapolated out of the images taken. 

Surveyor Support Services

Drone Site Services provides remote measuring services for surveyors. Using the latest RTK drones, 3D scanning and photogrammetry software we create visual databases that can be used off site. 

Our photogrammetry software allows us to create visual models of the whole site, that can be geo-referenced, and time and date stamped to give an absolute visual that can be shared to all involved in the project. 

As well as site progress, DSS can measure on site distance, depth, volumes and pitch with our selection of drones. We are Constructionline Gold and SSIP accredited which recognises our commitment to the highest standards of Health and Safety on construction sites. Our drone pilots are all PfCO certified and are also CSCS card holders

Reduce Your Workload With The Help of Drones

Thermal Survey 

All Drone Site Surveys pilots have also qualified as BINDT Level 2 thermographers.

The thermal image shown in this section is of a building elevation with obvious signs of missing or defective insulation. 

Thermal images tell no lies, however they do contain secrets normally hidden from the naked eye. 

Under the right conditions, our thermal surveys can identify heat loss, water ingress, thermal bridging, and missing or defective insulation. 

Contact us now to find out more. 

Front Elevation Thermal Survey

Time Lapse Video for Construction

Drone Site Surveys offers Time Lapse for Construction Projects.

We have short and long term time lapse options as well as Budget, Mid and Premium alternatives. From 720p to 8K and everything in between we have time lapse solutions that will suit your project. 

Condense your construction project into videos ranging from only 30 seconds. Our visual experts our happy to discuss your requirements and deliverables and ensure that you will have a timelapse to be proud of. 

Aerial Drone Survey 

From commercial to domestic roofs, chimneys to church spires, we can visually survey any roof type or structure frm the air with our drones. 

It is safer, quicker and cheaper to view your assets with an aerial survey than by using the traditional construction methods. 

Drone Site Surveys deliver high quality imagery, that when delivered through our photogrammetry software, allows you not only to have great visuals, but also be able to extrapolate highly accurate measurements and point cloud data


Schedule of Condition Surveys

Using Drone Site Surveys to provide a schedule of condition survey will save time, money and give much better deliverables than has previously been possible. 

Save time by having our reactive fleet able to mobilise quickly, we can be on-site before you’ve even had a quote for scaffolding! Our pictures are generally available within 24 hours of a flight taking place. 

Save money by having scaffold free inspections that give imagery from angles unable to be viewed from scaffolding. 

Read more about our schedule of condition surveys and scope of works here. If you want to see an example schedule of condition or scope of works, drop us an email and we’ll get an example sent over. 

On Site Services

Drone Site Services offers all manner of remote options for surveyors, from Volumetric Stockpile measurements, to live streaming from our drones direct to your office, creating 3D models from point clouds, time lapse videos, onsite thermography, whatever you require from an onsite team, we deliver, work smarter. 

Using our onsite measuring and data collection team can free up your surveyors, allowing them the time to process and utilise the data collected.  

The Drone Site Surveys measuring team use Lidar scanners, GPS and high quality images and scans to give accurate visual and measurable data. 

Scaffold Free Inspection

Using Drone Site Surveys to provide scaffold free inspections will save time, money and prevent potential health and safety breeches. Our UAV’s and experienced drone pilots can fly to inaccessible and potentially hazardous areas, to easily collect data that would otherwise be almost impossible to collect. We can quickly collect high quality visual stills and video, enabling professionals on the ground to make informed decisions, using the best available data.

Drones save the use of fixed or temporary scaffold structures, even ladders, to assess whether working at height needs to be carried out, or even what work and tools are required to complete any works.

We can provide a Drone Survey for use by your own surveyors, or also provide in depth RICS accredited reports from our network of partners across the UK.

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UAV’s Working for You

Smarter Solutions for all Industries

Work Smarter

Using UAV’s to provide aerial footage can benefit numerous industries and help them save time, money and health and safety risks enabling you to work smarter.

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4K and VR Footage

All video and still footage can be delivered in UHD. The imagery can even be delivered in real time whilst an engineer/surveyor is wearing a FPV Headset directing the pilot.

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Aerial Mapping

Get up to the minute data from a Digital Terrain Map by Drone Site Surveys. We can quickly and accurately process large data sets to give site professionals more control.

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Photogrammetry Benefits

Using state of the art software we can extrapolate accurate spatial information from our footage. Use technology to benefit your workload, get accurate information, quickly.

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Working Partnerships

We are looking to build partnerships with our
clients. Drone Site Surveys will save you time,
money and reduce H&S issues on site.


Benefits of Using
Drone Site Surveys

We use technology to enable you to work smarter. Aerial drone
footage is only one element of our service, when aligned with 3D
interactive scans, we are able to give a complete overview of any
building, work site or estate.

Get real-time data enabling smarter work decisions to be made.
We keep you compliant with the rapidly changing laws around UAV
flight in the UK. All pilots are Civil Aviation Authority regulated
and insured. We gain all relevant permissions before undertaking
any flights. We can use pre-planned flight paths and up to 30X Zoom
for detailed imagery that helps you to work smarter.

  • Cover large sites, rapidly
  • Reduce surveying costs
  • Access difficult sites
  • Accurate high-resolution imagery
  • Reduction in H&S incidents

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