Aerial Surveys

Surveys carried out by drones save companies time and money, whilst also reducing health and safety risks.

Interactive Room Information

From Scopes of Work, to O & M Manuals and everything in between, we can digitally share all relevant information securely.

Scaffold Free Inspections

Use our drones with 4K UHD and Thermal Cameras for extremely close up images, without the need for scaffolding.

Drone Site Surveys

Drone Site Surveys uses technology to offer the construction industry alternative visual options, enabling professionals to work smarter. Drones offer us safer alternatives to external work and working at height. We also use 3D Interactive photography for internal viewing and marking up. We can tag the internal images, with Scopes of Work, Health and Safety Documents, even O&M manuals, in fact whatever information we need to impart to the onsite trades, offsite professionals, and stakeholders or clients. Our tagging takes place in real time, and is an extremely effective way to share information.

We offer a variety of aerial, digital and surveying services for the construction industry, including measurement (surface quantities, trench depth and volumetric) 4K UHD stills and video, and RICS accredited reports.

Aerial Surveys

Our aerial surveys give you and your team an in-depth look at your site from a higher perspective. We will work closely with your current surveyors to help capture all the data and images required to understand your tasks at hand. We have used aerial surveys to capture information such as roof & chimney conditions, measure stock piles and even trench depths.

All of our measuring services will be ran through our software to provide you with exact volumes. However our inspections can be passed directly to your surveyors to review. If you don’t have a surveying team, that isn’t a problem. We have a network of trusted surveyors who will produce RICS accredited reports for you to use and present to the rest of your team.

aerial photography by drone site surveys

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Interactive Room Information

Using the latest 3D Interactive cameras, we can digitally upload and share information, from inside the images. Never lose a product manual again. Installed a new boiler? Upload the boiler manual and brochure digitally, so it’s there for everyone (who you give access to) to view from within our pictures.

For new buildings, we can also incorporate the information contained within the Construction Operation Building information exchange (COBie) files that are installed in your BIM models, for easier future reference.

We can upload O & M Manuals, floorplans, product brochures, in fact whatever you used to store in paper files, can now be securely uploaded digitally.

For refurbishment projects, full scopes of work can be uploaded to be viewed by all trades. Not sure where the sockets should be placed in the room? or what type need fitting? don’t worry, all the information can be uploaded into our fully interactive 3D room, which everyone can view on their phones.

Scaffold Free Inspection

Using Drone Site Surveys to provide scaffold free inspections will save time, money and prevent potential health and safety breeches. Our UAV’s and experienced drone pilots can fly to inaccessible and potentially hazardous areas, to easily collect data that would otherwise be almost impossible to collect. We can quickly collect high quality visual stills and video, enabling professionals on the ground to make informed decisions, using the best available data.

Drones save the use of fixed or temporary scaffold structures, even ladders, to assess whether working at height needs to be carried out, or even what work and tools are required to complete any works.

We can provide a Drone Survey for use by your own surveyors, or also provide in depth RICS accredited reports from our network of partners across the UK.

Aerial Roof Condition Survey carried out by drones

Get a Drone Survey - Not Virtual....Just Reality

Aerial Services and Equipment

Drone Site Surveys can provide aerial footage, desktop appraisals or full building or roof condition surveys. We can provide these services individually, or as a bespoke combination suited to your company’s requirements.

Running our footage through photogrammetry software Pix4D we can transform our footage into 3D rendered models. This type of rendering allows measuring and inspecting, from a virtual perspective and is highly accurate once ground control points are established.

Our variety of drones can cover all aerial assessments, from our DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK and DJI Inspire 2 with various attachments to our DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and the DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual to carry out a thermal drone survey, we’ve got you covered.

UAV’s Working for You

Smarter Solutions for all Industries

Work Smarter

Using UAV’s to provide aerial footage can benefit numerous industries and help them save time, money and health and safety risks enabling you to work smarter.

4K and VR Footage

All video and still footage can be delivered in UHD. The imagery can even be delivered in real time whilst an engineer/surveyor is wearing a FPV Headset directing the pilot.

Aerial Mapping

Get up to the minute data from a Digital Terrain Map by Drone Site Surveys. We can quickly and accurately process large data sets to give site professionals more control.

Photogrammetry Benefits

Using state of the art software we can extrapolate accurate spatial information from our footage. Use technology to benefit your workload, get accurate information, quickly.

Working Partnerships

We are looking to build partnerships with our
clients. Drone Site Surveys will save you time,
money and reduce H&S issues on site.


Benefits of Using
Drone Site Surveys

We use technology to enable you to work smarter. Aerial drone
footage is only one element of our service, when aligned with 3D
interactive scans, we are able to give a complete overview of any
building, work site or estate.

Get real-time data enabling smarter work decisions to be made.
We keep you compliant with the rapidly changing laws around UAV
flight in the UK. All pilots are Civil Aviation Authority regulated
and insured. We gain all relevant permissions before undertaking
any flights. We can use pre-planned flight paths and up to 30X Zoom
for detailed imagery that helps you to work smarter.

  • Cover large sites, rapidly
  • Reduce surveying costs
  • Access difficult sites
  • Accurate high-resolution imagery
  • Reduction in H&S incidents

Monitor Your Building's and Sites From Above