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Is a Drone Survey Accurate?

One of the questions that we get here from many customers is, how accurate is a drone survey? In terms of land surveying, accuracy can be key to everything you are looking for in your survey. Traditional surveying methods all require a lot of work and precision to ensure that accuracy across the project is achieved. This involves a lot of expensive time for surveyors, not to mention, the potential need for a lot of expensive equipment if your target is high in the air such as a roof. Deploying drones can help reduce your time on site and equipment hiring costs by surveying from the air.

In short yes! But we should explain how accurate and how this accuracy is achieved. 1st of all, the accuracy does depend on the drone used and the supporting equipment you have on-site. The accuracy of a drone survey can be narrowed down to +- 1cm. However, this does depend on your drone, equipment, and processing software. For us here at Drone Site Surveys we used drones particularly created for surveying.

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