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Drone chimney surveys provide an accurate and cost-effective way of inspecting your chimney. Chimneys are an essential part of the majority of homes across the UK. Having an issue with yours can cause a myriad of problems. The difficult part about fixing chimney problems is the ability to get up close and personal to see any damage. That’s where using drones for a chimney survey can help. Here at Drone Site Surveys, we have a large range of drones and cameras to help view your chimneys up close from a variety of angles in UHD 4K. 

A chimney survey will provide you all the information you need to pass to a local roofer. With the images being delivered digitally, you can even ask multiple roofers for a quote so you can pick the best one for you.

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Parts of Your Chimney That Can Fail

There are many parts of your chimney that can fail. To give you a deeper understanding here are just a few that can cause you an issue.

Chimney Stack: Most often constructed of brick and is usually the most visible element of your chimney.

Chimney Pots: Installed correctly, chimney pots allow adequate ventilation from your homes heating system.

Flaunching: This is the mortar bed that secures your pots to the stack and prevents rainwater access.

Lead Flashing: Flashings are cut into the brickwork around the stack to maintain a watertight roof. 

Cowls, Pots & Caps: These reduce downdraft and stop birds and rainwater from entering the flue.

Lead Soakers: Hidden leadwork at the base of the stack underneath the tiles for water tightness.

Any issue at all with any item here can cause issues such as water ingress, heat escaping or even birds to nest where they shouldn’t. It’s vital to ensure energy efficiency, that your chimney is in a good condition. As it can be expensive and dangerous to have someone on the roof to do this, a chimney survey using drones is ideal. Without ever putting our feet on a ladder, we can show you all aspects of your chimney so you can see any damage for yourself.

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Thermal Chimney Inspection

If you have or suspect you have an issue with your chimney, it’s not always possible to see the issue simply by using a standard drone camera. As the system is designed to carry hot fumes from fires etc. the insides of the flue can erode and be contributing to any issues you have. In order to effectively view these faults and find exactly where they are, we use drones equipped with thermal cameras

A thermal camera will scan the chimney stack and highlight areas where heat is escaping from the system. This lets you know exactly where your issues lay. Then you can leverage this information with your repairmen, stop unnecessary bills and get the root cause repaired.

A thermal survey can also be used to look for issues in your roof, walls, doors and windows. To read more about a full thermal survey click here

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