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Church Roof Survey

Looking at a church roof can be a very difficult task. A church is often a complex building with many parts of the roof inaccessible with just scaffolding. This often means a roofer using ladders and climbing on top of the roof just to ascertain the current condition. Working at height involves risk as well as expensive equipment which means the cost of a roof survey in the traditional way, can spiral very quickly. 

This is where Drone Site Surveys help. Our team are equipped with the latest drones capable of flight in the hardest to reach areas. Fitted with high quality, 4K cameras, we can take images of your roof from every angle with every detail captured. The depending on your needs, these images can then be compiled into a report or delivered directly to yourself so you can share them with potential repair teams. This will allow you to get the best price for fixing the roof, spot issues you may not have seen traditionally and save you money on your roof repair.

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Church Spire Survey

A church spire becomes even more complex to get the right information from. Often your spire may have multiple facades with very intricate detail. Simply popping a ladder up doesn’t exactly give you the detail you need. Again drones provide a much easier, faster and cheaper way of looking at your church spire

Our services don’t stop at Church Spire or Roof inspections though. We have a lot more we can offer. Our team can provide you with disability access surveys, virtual tours and even a quinquennial survey to help you and your church be accessible to the public in the best possible way.

Church Spire Survey

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Why Use Drone Site Surveys?

Our name gives it away, we are specialists at surveying with drones. However, apart from our name, we have processes in place to ensure that everything from our booking to job delivery is completed safely, quickly and efficiently. As a Construction Line Gold member, we are committed to applying drones to the construction industry. This means we adhere to all regulations set out to ensure a safe working environment. Every asset we inspect will include a comprehensive risk and method statement as well as a thorough assessment of the area we are flying in. 

As well as our processes, our pilots and staff are all focused on the construction industry. This means we know what issues you are likely to face and potentially spot other issues you may not be aware of.

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