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CPD - Drones the Laws and uses in Construction

Looking for awe inspiring drone video of your property from the air? We can provide it for you. Here at Drone Site Surveys we are experts at capturing a variety of different footage from the air using the latest drone technology. Allowing you to get the footage you want, from the angle you would like all in ultra HD quality

Our drone pilots have been capturing footage for a very long time across the whole of the UK. Although we are based in Liverpool, we will travel to wherever you need for your aerial photography and video needs. It doesn’t matter if you need your drone video for TV, advertising, surveying or even just to capture your space from fantastic perspectives, we can capture everything you need. 

Drones in Construction CPD

Drones - Data Collection - Thermal - Photogrammetry

The CPD course will give you an understanding of the current UAV Laws in the UK and an appreciation of a selection of the services that drones can carry out. As well as high-quality pictures from every angle imaginable, drones and software can capture data using photogrammetry, lidar, thermal, multi, and hyperspectral cameras.

Our course is ideally suited to construction professionals and enthusiasts alike who would like to learn more. 

One of the most commonly used services for drones in construction is a humble roof survey. What a game-changer drones have been for this service, no more cherry picker hire, driver and banksman hire, road or lane closures, and road permits required. Even with all of the previous listed, the UAVs can get higher quality pictures from angles never achievable before, add in a thermal camera and get data on heat loss, water ingress, and cold bridging to take your humble roof survey to another level.

With over 130,000 drone users in the UK, and growing, according to the Civil Aviation Authority, this technology is only going to grow in popularity.

Since the global pandemic started, Goldman Sachs has used Aerial Footage in over 95% of its merger and acquisitions. Stephan Feldgoise, Goldman Sachs global co-head of mergers and acquisitions has stated “We have been selling asset-based businesses all over the world using drones for site visits and fly-overs,” Read the full article here.

Next FREE event Friday 30th September