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What is a Digital Twin?

Our Digital Twin packages include 3D Models of building or buildings and an internal 360 Scan. This creates a moment in time immersive replica of your building or estate.

The external 3D model is collected by drone data, and the internal 360 Scan is captured by Matterport technology.

A Drone Site Surveys Digital Twin is an identical visual representation of your physical assets.

How long does it take to create a Digital Twin?

Each project and building are different, however, and as an example, we recently completed a 10 bedroomed 2 storey detached hotel in two onsite days and a further 7 days processing.

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Digital Twin

Protect your Assets with a Building Digital Twin

Can you update Digital Twin Models?

If you have a Digital Twin created, then you can also update it. If you just have an internal remodelling scheme and the external of the asset does not change, then you will only require an internal scan. If you have external building works carried out, then you will also require external 3D model creation as well as the internal 360 scan.

When Drone Site Surveys carries out a Digital Twin Modelling and scanning project, we also provide updating costs within our quote.

Benefits of having a Virtual Twin

There are many benefits to having scans of this type, however the most important is that the building model can be accessed by anyone you allow, remotely. This could be an engineer, who could virtually walk through the building or estate to identify an issue. It could also be a stakeholder who wants to view the asset from afar, reducing onsite visits. These types of assets also allow for greater team collaboration.

Are These Assets secure?

We can make the assets as secure as you require, we can password protect the entry to the model as an initial security measure. You can also take security up a few notches, by including a QR code that requires scanning, or even make the models only accessible when on your company intranet.

Discuss any security concerns you may have with one of our twinning specialists during your consultation, who we’re sure will be able to allay any concerns you may have.

Digital Twins are the Future of FM