How Surveys With Drones Can Save Lives

Drone Survey in Construction
April 3, 2022

Liverpool Science Park

Modern technology, phones, computers, drones and any other tech has increased year on year. With approximately 95% of the UK owning a mobile phone, high end equipment is at our beck and call every minute of every day. The thing is, the technology is ever adapting and is saving lives every single day.

Don’t believe me? Computer technology flies every single commercial airliner in the world. This is saving countless lives as human error is more or less eradicated from the journey.

So what does that mean to you as a construction site owner, home owner or just someone who needs their roof looking at? It means you can save lives without even knowing you’re doing it.

Surveys at Height


So you’re in the category above and you need something looking at from above. For example, we’ve had some bad weather (when having we not) and you fear some roof tiles have moved.


Ordinarily, you’d be looking to get someone out to give you a roof survey. They would bring a roof ladder, climb up and risk his life. Potentially in icy conditions or on a wet surface. According to the HSE, over 60% of deaths at working from height, involve falling from ladders. Risky stuff!


So how do drones take that away? Well, surveying with a drone actually takes the need for ladders away when just looking for problems, it doesn’t take the need for a roofer to use one away (not yet anyway).


What we do, is take our drone from the ground, up into the air. All of our drones are equipped with 4K Ultra High Definition cameras. We video the flight and we get as close to your roof as physically possible. Looking at all the important items for defects and faults. The footage is then downloaded to a computer and reviewed by roofing experts or sent to an expert of your choice should you so wish. The beauty of this method is that the footage can be viewed as many times as you want, sent to as many people as you want and there wasn’t a ladder involved. You’ve automatically taken a huge chunk of the risk out of your survey and saved lives!

How High Can We Survey


Well, our drone can go extremely high. we can fly up to 400 feet covering most buildings in most cities in the UK. To put this into context, that’s roughly a 36 story building. The same height as the Stratosphere in London!

What Else Can Our Drone Do?


We’ve mentioned above that we can save lives by completing surveys from height. However, there are many other applications. We can use the drone to measure stockpiles on construction sites. It can also be used to measure the building progress to ensure deadlines are met.


We also have thermal imaging cameras available. So if you’re worried about energy loss or the need to insulate, then our thermal cameras will give all the information to find potential areas of cold bridging, water ingress or heat loss in your buildings.


There are also 100s of other applications of drones in a commercial environment, many of which we probably don’t mention here. However, if you require any work from height or feel drones could benefit you then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will have a solution for you!

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