Domestic Roof Survey

Drone Site Surveys are offering our aerial roof survey of your home for only £399.00.*

Our offer includes an aerial overview (directly above your home looking down), all elevations of your property (where possible), and close-ups of all ridges, valleys and gutters.

These are survey quality stills that can give you a great idea of the condition of your roof. You can use these pictures to get advice from a roofer or surveyor, or even to make an insurance claim.

Our roof condition survey pictures are used by Homeowners, Surveyors, Housing Associations, Construction Professionals, Developers and Tenants to get pictures from angles that are usually unable to be seen.

We are fully insured (copies available on request) up to £5 Million, and all pilots have gained the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority. You can view Drone Site Surveys PfCO here. We apply for all permissions required to ensure compliance with the UK Drone Laws.

Drone Roof Survey

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Aerial Gutter Inspection

Roof Survey – EXTRAS

External Thermal Energy Picture

We have a drone that can take thermal pictures of your home. This type of thermal imaging can show heat loss, cold bridging, and standing water. The FLIR images can identify missing or defective insulation, detect construction faults, and electrical system failures.

Ideally, there must be a difference in temperature from outside to inside the property to achieve the most visible results. The ideal temperature difference is a 10-degree swing from inside to out.

Even though as a company, we are always mindful of our carbon footprint, we advise clients that the best way to achieve energy savings using our thermal images is to put your home heating on the morning of our arrival. Activating your heating will give the best chance of there being a significant difference between the temperature inside to outside. Central Heating on will achieve the best results from any thermal images taken.

Be Proactive – Not Reactive with your Roof Maintenance

Domestic Roof Survey – MORE EXTRAS

RICS Full Home Survey

Drone Site Surveys arranges one of our RICS accredited surveying partners to attend your home on the day of our drone flight, to carry out a full independent survey of your home. This report, aligned with our images will give you a much better understanding of the condition of your home.

A RICS Home survey is a totally impartial assessment of the internal and external condition of your home. A survey of this type, which adheres to industry best practice standards, can be used in a variety of ways.

Desktop Appraisal by an RICS Surveyor

Drone Site Surveys works with many surveying practices which include surveyors from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. A RICS surveyor will create a report based on the images that we take, to give you an overview of whether your roof/property appears in good order.

3D Interactive Scan

Despite our company name, we don’t do just drone work, we also carry out 3D interactive scanning. 3D Digital Scanning allows you to view inside your property, and even click to move around the building, even up the stairs! The scans can be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer and they even create custom floorplans for your home.

We also make your scanned images secure and unable to be found on the internet, unless you decide to share the link with family or friends.

If you wanted to share your pictures, 3D Scans are great for family and friends to view your home, especially any far-flung family, as the scans can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need to view is an internet connection along with an internet-enabled device with a screen.

Interactive scans are also great as a permanent record for insurance purposes, giving an as-is view of your visible belongings. You can view an example of a 3D scanned property here. When in the example, click on the icons and the main image to explore the property.

View Example

Image Delivery Options

We can deliver your images in a variety of ways. We can email the pictures, usually within 48 hours of your flight taking place or provide you with a USB stick. Whichever way you would like to receive your pictures, we can deliver.

*At this current time, this offer is only available in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, and Greater Manchester.

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