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Here at Drone Site Surveys, we enable the construction industry to work smarter by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/Drones) to inspect, measure and map areas without the need for time consuming and expensive equipment hire. Drone inspections allow you to view areas of your building that are not visible with any other means of inspection. Meaning you know exactly what’s wrong with your building and how to tackle it.

As a CAA approved drone inspection company and a Construction Line Gold accredited business, we have undertaken 1000s of drone inspections across Liverpool and the wider Merseyside region. 

We use the most modern drone technology with the highest resolution cameras to bring you the highest quality photos and video inspections of your assets.

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With a population of 500,000, Liverpool is one of the largest cities in the North West of England and one of the most visited locations in the UK. Located 35 miles west of Manchester, 20 miles south of Chester and 40 miles southwest of Preston, sits at the mouth of the Mersey Estuary.

With the CTR (Controlled Traffic Region) of Liverpool John Lennon Airport encompassing the entire city centre and the majority of the Wirral peninsula, this should be taken into account when flight planning around the area. Urenco Nuclear Facility at Capenhurst across the River Mersey to the southwest has its own FRZ (Flight Restriction Zone) and permission must be sought when considering flights around this area.

Both HMP Liverpool, based in Walton, and HMP/ YOI Altcourse are located to the north of the city and have flight restriction zones in place to a height of 164ft AGL (Above Ground Level) to ensure no enterprising drone owner decides to start a delivery service to the inmates within.
Liverpool is not only a hugely popular tourist destination but also a city with a large student population and as such is a busy and thriving area, so numerous local, ground-based considerations must be evaluated and included when gaining permission for your drone flight. All city centre flights should be approved by the Liverpool Film Office, which will require information about your flight and your operations.

As with all towns and cities, rail networks should always be factored into your planning as Network Rail has their own regulations regarding drones around their property in addition to CAA regulations.

While drone flights require greater planning and authorisation in and around town centres, this does not mean that we are unable to fly in these areas. Our trained pilots, alongside our experienced administrative team, will work together to gain the permissions to carry out work in the trickiest of locations!

Drone Survey Required?

There are times when an inspection just isn’t enough for you. You may require a written report to accompany the inspection. These are useful if you’re a builder/construction company looking to provide findings to your client or even if you are renting your property and looking to provide information to a landlord. In these cases, we can provide a written report to accompany the inspection

Take a look at some of our other services available to you. Especially if you’re a surveyor and are looking for technology to help you move to improve your workflow and reduce your workload.

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Drone Chimney Inspections

As well as general roof inspections, we are also asked to cover chimney inspections. You may be a roofing company, contractor or homeowner with reported issues at your chimney. Our up close, 4k inspections can look for issues with flaunching, missing mortar and areas where the chimney may be leaking water. 

All of our images are delivered via private, password-protected links. These links can be shared with people you trust and will never be shared publicly. However, if you need to share with other contractors etc.. then this gives you that platform without the need for downloading and emailing the images. Drone Site Surveys make the whole process easy for you.

It’s not just chimneys and roofs that we can inspect. Anything you have at height, our drones will inspect for you. Our drones are equipped with the latest collision avoidance sensors and RTK so inspecting your assets at height is much easier and simpler. 

Drone Roof Inspections

Roofs are one of the most popular parts of a building we inspect. With roofs on many buildings being extremely complex, viewing every angle, behind chimney stacks and getting up close to individual tiles is very difficult and dangerous. Often the methods involved are ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding. 

With a drone inspection of your roof in Liverpool, we can cover every angle from as close as 1 meter. Not only that, we capture the images and video (if required) in 4K high-definition resolution. This means that you capture the detail you need in order to inspect your roof with the care and attention it needs.

Save time and money, stop hiring expensive equipment and get your drone inspection booked today.

Surveyor Support Services

As well as providing detailed reports, drone mapping, inspections and surveys we are available to be an all-around surveyor support service. Our team understand your role as a surveyor and how to make your job on-site easier. 

Come and speak to us about our surveyor support services as we don’t just offer drone inspections. We can provide internal and external scanning, 3D models and other services to help you measure, inspect and report on some of your assets without ever visiting a site. Let Drone Site Surveys take the labour away from yourself saving you time and money on your projects. 

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Liverpool City Council Policies on Drone Usage

Permission to fly drones can only be given by Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisors. If you are seeking permission to use drones around LJLA please email;


To find out more about flying drones, please visit the UK CAA & NATS Drone Awareness Website or read the EC ‘The EU Drone Policy.’


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