Energy Crisis – What can we do as individuals?

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The UK along with the rest of the world is facing an onslaught on our domestic energy bills from mainly external factors. Energy prices are widely tipped, according to Which, to rise by £693.00 for 22 million people in the UK in April 2022. Our government wants to stop our reliance on imported energy and is pushing for more and more renewable energy resources. This all seems very “big picture” politics, but what can we do as individuals? As a nation, we waste over 40% of all imported energy through heat loss which occurs mainly in our buildings. We should all be proactive in saving heat and carbon renewal initiatives, but how do we do this? Insulation and sealant have a potentially huge part to play in this heat loss reversal as these are the main areas that we can fix relatively easily, but where do we start?

Thermal Building Surveys can help to identify where you can make improvements at home and work to save energy.

Looking at the image below carried out on a recent survey, our qualified thermographers identified that the property in this picture has little to no cavity wall insulation, with energy escaping from all elevations of this house. What is really striking from this image is that the property next door has an externally insulated render. Look at the difference when your house has the correct insulation installed.


Flir Thermal Image

Now, this would be a potentially costly fix, even though it would pay for itself over time. You can make smaller changes that could have a massive impact on not only carbon reduction, heat loss saving, and your own thermal comfort. This could be as little as identifying areas where the insulation in your roof needs patching or pushing into place, this can be identified with a thermal survey. As heat seeks cold and never vice versa, any gaps in your insulation can have a detrimental effect on your energy bills. We can show with an infra-red inspection, areas around doors and windows where the addition of a thermal sealant may seal any gaps where heat can escape from. If you seal around any escape routes for your energy, you are less likely to be spending excess amounts on your heating bills.

You can find out more about thermal surveys here if you’d like to find out more.

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