Schedule of Condition and Housing Stock Surveys using Drones

Schedule of Condition Survey and Inspections

At Drone Site Surveys, we carry out a schedule of condition survey using drone technology. This makes the process safer, quicker, and more accurate. Using drones allows visual data to be collected with a minimum of fuss. A drone also reduces invasion or disturbance to the property occupiers. The images can then be used to create a scope of works by surveyors in an office-based situation. Allowing for less time on site, less disruption to the tenants, and collaboration between all stakeholders. 

Scaffold Free Inspections

Using drones allows for scaffold-free inspections. Allowing a schedule of condition survey on properties faster and safer for both tenants and landlords. Money can also be saved if individual properties in the portfolio may not need as much work to be carried out. Cancelling out the need for scaffolding altogether.  

Schedule of Condition Surveys for Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords

Scope of Works for External Elevation Repairs - Contact for more info

Survey Grade Imagery

We take survey quality images of the roof and building facade. These do not only allow a schedule of condition survey to be carried out. The images are also a visual snapshot in time of your property portfolio. Imagery like this of all external elevations and roofs also allows you to plan for the future. Allowing you to make adequate financial provisions for any future maintenance. They also allow you to make improvements to your housing stock for which you have repairing obligations. 

Who Benefits from a Property Asset Assessment?

Whether you are a Housing Association, Registered Social Landlord, or Property Portfolio Manager, understanding the condition of your stock is important. It will allow you to make more informed short and long-term maintenance decisions. Funding either through grants or loans will be easier to achieve when the lending institutions can see your assets close up. They will also see that you have strategies in place to upkeep and maintain your portfolio

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Schedule of Condition Surveys with Drones

Drone Site Surveys offer a number of options when it comes to Schedule of Condition Surveys. 

Firstly we offer images only which allows your own surveyors or in-house property professionals to get survey quality imagery allowing for scope of works to be compiled in the house without anyone needing to leave the office. This reduces time on site and is less invasive to the tenants and occupiers of your properties. 

Secondly, we provide the imagery with independent reports from our qualified building surveyors, ensuring total impartiality. Working to your brief of works that are to be completed, our UAV pilots concentrate their efforts on image and data capture which allows your scope of works to have meaningful imagery to back up your brief. 

Thirdly we can provide the imagery to an independent RICS Chartered Surveying partner if your scope of works needs to be carried out by chartered surveyors.

Ridge Tiles that need repair

Benefits of Thermal Investigation in External Envelope Condition Surveys

Benchmarking your Assets

Instructing Drone Site Surveys to create a or schedule of conditions survey gives a snapshot in time of your buildings, property, or land. It doesn’t matter if your building is residential or commercial, we can survey it all. Our highly detailed image pack includes all elevations, front, rear, and gable. They are all able to be obtained scaffold-free and with no intrusion on any tenants. 

This benchmark can be used to create a scope of works, either now or in the future. The survey can highlight any future repairing obligations you may have as a Registered Social Landlord. Our time-stamped and dated images can provide an evidential condition survey. It is a factual record that can also protect the organisation from false claims whilst also being a reference point for after any work is completed. 

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) 

Our image packs and schedule of condition surveys are a great way to become proactive with your residential housing stock. Understand and plan your regular maintenance with ease using our highly detailed imagery. Stop your organisation from paying out hefty repair bills on reactive maintenance by planning ahead with our Stock Condition analysis.  

Protect your Neighbours

Prior to any external envelope works beginning, Drone Site Surveys offer a visual and photographic inspection of any neighbouring properties and boundaries. This will protect your neighbours as well as yourselves. An inspection such as this will give peace of mind to your nearby residents that you are aware of the visual condition of their property. The report can also protect your organisation from Party Wall (Party Wall Act 1996) or neighbour disputes. To carry any legal authority, it is recommended that a visual inspection should be carried out. This should be prior to work commencing, and this can also protect against any spurious claims. 

If you are unsure whether any work you are due to carry out on your housing stock falls under the Party Wall Act 1996, there is an explanatory booklet issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government which will provide more detail. 

How a Thermal Survey can Benefit Housing Stock Analysis

Thermal Building Surveys provide a noninvasive way to identify problems that are not normally visible to the naked eye. If you carry out a thermal inspection you can identify issues prior to them becoming serious to health. They perform a great team up with a schedule of condition survey or stock condition report. 

As well as taking 4K imagery, our drone pilots are also Level 2 BINDT thermographers. This means that we can use thermal cameras (handheld and on drones) to thermally analyse buildings and then write accredited reports. The reports can show if a property is losing heat, has water ingress, and identify missing or defective insulation. As well as improving the thermal comfort of the residents, this type of survey can also show how fuel poverty can be alleviated. We believe that thermal building inspections will drive the UK’s push towards Net Carbon Zero as over 40% of the energy used in the country is lost through poor, missing, or badly installed insulation.   

If you would like to read more about thermal surveys, click on the link here.


External Envelope Schedule of Condition Survey – What’s Included

Using drones allows us to inspect all elevations and roof images from every angle ensuring that a visual snapshot in time is recorded on the property condition. This imagery can not only allow a schedule of condition survey to be created but be referred back to in the event of any disrepair claims in the future. 

Our drones have high-quality zoom lenses and can identify amongst other things, 

  • Missing or Blown Brick or Roof Pointing
  • Missing, Broken, or Slipped Slates / Tiles
  • Cills and Headers Failing
  • Window Frame Condition
  • Double Glazed Units Misting
  • Door Condition
  • Step Condition
  • Gutters, Fascia and Soffit Condition

If you would like to chat with one of our pilots or surveyors then give us a call or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you asap. 

Schedule of Condition Pricing

Here at Drone Site Surveys, we offer many options when it comes to pricing. This all depends on how many properties are in your estate or portfolio, to the location in the UK. Our schedule of condition pricing is flexible to suit your needs. We offer to provide images only from £50.00+VAT (so that your surveyors can provide your report) or images with a report from £150.00+VAT per property

Schedule of Condition Survey Examples

We have examples of basic, intermediary, and full reports available on request. If you would like to see our examples drop us an email at stating your organisation, how many properties, and which examples you would like to see.   

Drone Site Survey’s basic schedule of condition surveys offers building elevation overview pictures aligned with commentary on the images. Our intermediate reports provide elevation overview images along with extra images of all main features including windows and doors on the elevation with added comments. Our full reports come with access to view all images taken (which can be many hundreds) and commentary on all defects visible. 

As stated previously we also offer to supply images only, allowing your own or appointed surveyors to compile the schedule of condition. 

Scope of Works

From our high-quality imagery and analysis, we can create a detailed scope of works for our clients. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide examples. 

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