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Schedule of Condition Survey and Inspections

At Drone Site Surveys, we carry out a schedule of condition survey using drone technology. This makes the process safer, quicker, and more accurate. Using drones allows visual data to be collected with a minimum of fuss. A drone also reduces invasion or disturbance to the property occupiers. The images can then be used to create a scope of works by surveyors in an office-based situation. Allowing for less time on site, less disruption to the tenants, and collaboration between all stakeholders. 

Scaffold Free Inspections

Using drones allows for scaffold-free inspections. Allowing a schedule of condition survey on properties faster and safer for both tenants and landlords. Money can also be saved if individual properties in the portfolio may not need as much work to be carried out. Cancelling out the need for scaffolding altogether.  

Aerial Roof Condition Report

Scope of Works for External Elevation Repairs

Survey Grade Imagery

We take survey quality images of the roof and building facade. These do not only allow a schedule of condition survey to be carried out. The images are also a visual snapshot in time of your property portfolio. Imagery like this of all external elevations and roofs also allows you to plan for the future. Allowing you to make adequate financial provisions for any future maintenance. They also allow you to make improvements to your housing stock for which you have repairing obligations. 

Who Benefits from a Property Asset Assessment?

Whether you are a Housing Association, Registered Social Landlord, or Property Portfolio Manager, understanding the condition of your stock is important. It will allow you to make more informed short and long-term maintenance decisions. Funding either through grants or loans will be easier to achieve when the lending institutions can see your assets close up. They will also see that you have strategies in place to upkeep and maintain your portfolio.

Gutter Condition Report

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Schedule of Condition Surveys with Drones

Drone Site Surveys offer a number of options when it comes to Schedule of Condition Surveys.

Firstly we offer images only which allows your own surveyors or in-house property professionals to get survey quality imagery allowing for scope of works to be compiled in the house without anyone needing to leave the office. This reduces time on site and is less invasive to the tenants and occupiers of your properties.

Secondly, we provide the imagery with independent reports from our qualified building surveyors, ensuring total impartiality. Working to your brief of works that are to be completed, our UAV pilots concentrate their efforts on image and data capture which allows your scope of works to have meaningful imagery to back up your brief.

Thirdly we can provide the imagery to an independent RICS Chartered Surveying partner if your scope of works needs to be carried out by chartered surveyors.

Housing Condition Schedule

External Envelope Condition - better with Drones