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What’s in a 3D Measured Survey?

Drone Site Surveys uses drones to carry out a data collection flight which allows us to create a 3D model of any building. We can extrapolate accurate measurements from the model and upload them to Autodesk Viewer or Sketchfab for you to view. As a capture in time, we also deliver a full roof and facade image survey. For the internals, we also carry out a Matterport 360 scan (we are Matterport Partners) of the inside of the building. Floor plans can be generated from the scan. You can also get measurements from within the 3D scan.

Depending on the building location and whether there is any need for it, we can also survey the surrounding area and even create a topo displaying where the building sits in the current landscape.

Why do I need a Measured Survey?

Prior to any construction or remodelling works, a measured survey is the foundation of any scope of work to be produced. Without this type of survey, you may over or under-order materials, your designs may not fit the available spaces and you are highly likely to go over budget. A measured survey will help you to control costs and correctly plan out your project.

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Book a 3D Measured Building Survey TODAY