3D Virtual Reality Scanning

As well as drones, we also carry out 3D Interactive Tours. For the full construction site service, we take full reality images throughout the build and align these with the aerial imagery. This can really help with keeping all stakeholders informed during the build process and is also a great tool for assisting in any dispute resolution that invariably happens on site.

3D Interactive Tours

What is a 3D Interactive Tour?

A 3D Interactive tour allows you to have an access all areas tour of a physical space from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

How to View a 3D Tour

Our tours can be viewed from your computer, tablet or phone. You can also get an immersive experience with a Virtual Reality Headset.

360 StreetView

As Google Approved Photographers, we can also take StreetView imagery that we can upload direct to Google Maps and My Business.

Types of 3D Virtual and 360 Cameras

We use a variety of different cameras, dependent on what the situation requires. Whether it be Matterport or GeoCV for the 3D Interactive tours or RICOH or GoPros, we have the right equipment for any job. Contact us to see how Drone Site Surveys can save you time and money with an aerial drone survey.

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