Church Spires and Steeples have been around since the 12th Century. The spire is the superstructure which normally contains a belltower, whilst the steeple is usually pyramidal in shape and can go on top the steeple. In fact, dormers were first seen as lucarnes on spires and were used for ventilation.

Aerial Survey

Spire Survey

Our PfCO Drone Pilots can take an aerial survey and provide detailed information direct to the client.

3D Rendering

Using drone footage, we can build up a 3D rendered image of the whole church, not just the steeple or spire.

Safer Surveys

We can build up a full scope of works from the drone imagery taken. Working at Height does not have to be dangerous.

Church Steeples and Spires Survey

Whether your church is the tallest, gothic or neo gothic or even in a dilapidated state, we can take aerial footage, safely. Get a real understanding of what works need carrying out, even use the footage to get different quotes. So much easier for the contractors to quote with actual video and stills that can identify the works that need carrying out.

Mortar Depth

Domestic Roof / 2019 / Mortar Depth

Chimney Stack Flaunching

Chimney Stack Flaunching / 2019 / St Helens

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