Domestic Roof Survey by Drones

A Drone Roof Survey is the cheapest, safest and quickest way to have your roof surveyed. We use two separate drones for our domestic roof surveys, one in high-quality 4K, and one using our thermal imaging FLIR camera. We find that comparing these images is the best way to pick up any potential cold bridging, water ingress or heat loss anomalies in the integrity of the roof structure.

Drone Roof Surveys

Aerial Photography

Using Photogrammetry software, we can analyse our aerial footage to give you a comprehensive roof survey, without anyone having to work at height.

Roofs we Survey

We survey them all, it doesn’t matter if your roof is flat, hipped, gabled, parapet, hipped, dutch or any other design. Contact us Now for a free no obligation survey.

Roof Assessment

Getting a roof survey carried out by Drone Site Surveys allows you to negotaiate from a position of understanding after seeing the visual 4K and Thermoghraphic footage.

Drone Roof Surveys

Safety is paramount to us here at Drone Site Surveys. With an aerial survey of your roof, it is one less time that scaffolding or MEWP’s needs to be used to get on to your roof. Let us utilise technology to save working at height.

With Video Roof footage from only £250.00, it is easy to find out what state your roof is actually in. This will allow you to make informed decisions when speaking to your roofing contractor. Contact us to get booked in and find out how your roof appears from an aerial view.

Mortar Depth

Domestic Roof / 2019 / Mortar Depth

Chimney Stack Flaunching

Chimney Stack Flaunching / 2019 / St Helens

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