Commercial Roof Survey By Drone

Using drones for commercial roof surveys is a relatively new but powerful use of technology. These type of surveys can reduce costs, improve safety and lead to an improvement in the speed and quality of information gathering. The data gathered can be instrumental in your decision-making process. Prior to drone technology, aerial images of roofs where simply unfeasible for the majority, with roof surveys being a labour intensive task. Not only does using a drone increases the speed of a survey, but it can also become much more cost-effective, the labour time is dramatically reduced and scaffolding and elevated platforms are no longer needed. For complicated structures, being able to recall the information from the roof surveys to seek advice from multiple sources is a major advantage that should be utilised more in the future. In addition to the cost advantages, from a safety point of view, drones can complete hazardous work at height tasks with greatly reduced health and safety risks.

Commercial Roof Survey by Drone

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Roof Survey by Drone

Why Get a Drone Survey?

One of the benefits of using drone technology is the ability to thermally scan both flat and pitched roofs equally. This can identify points of weakness, including trapped moisture, heat loss and structural defects. The benefits of a drone survey compared to a traditional one are (i) much less disruption – a drone survey, is faster, safer and more efficient, we do not need direct access to your premises leading to less disruption to your normal business operations. (ii) less risk – having a UAV complete the survey from a safety standpoint leads to much lower risks, we can complete the survey without leaving the ground and the drone does all the hard work. (iii) precise evidence – having a drone survey leads to verifiable information that can be seen by numerous specialists if required, as the entire survey is recorded in 4K. This can be modelled into the latest software, and it can be easily transferred for quotes, specialist advice and for you to evaluate.

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Survey?

Regardless of whether a drone is used for a roof survey, the underlying benefits of having this type of survey completed are, in part, linked to the potential for reduced costs. In many instances, a roof survey can indicate early problems that are much easier and cheaper to fix compared to a new roof. If small problems are left unattended this can lead to longer-lasting damage which can be harder and more expensive to fix. A roof survey will aim to:

Check the roof covering in its entirety
understanding how your roof is performing can give you an idea on the age, repair costs and the expected longevity. A survey can signal how long before you need to replace your roof, allowing you to financially plan and also extend the expected longevity by providing points of weakness advice, allowing for
maintenance and repair.

Comparison to similar roofs
– due to the advances in technology, we are able to compare your roof to similar roof types and highlight potential areas of weakness before problems develop

Guttering and rainwater systems
– one of the biggest benefits of a UAV survey is the ability to assess how the guttering and rainwater systems are performing from an elevated and horizontal angle. Transferring water from your roof back to ground level in an efficient manner can increase the life expectancy of your roof. A full detailed roof survey can indicate any immediate problems, such as ponding and standing water.

Hire Drone Site Surveys to carry out a Roof Survey

Cost of a Drone Commercial Roof Survey

A roof survey carried out by drone starts from as little as £250.00 for a small industrial building, which is comparable to a traditional roofing survey carried out by a roofer or surveyor. The economies of scale grow exponentially when you have larger buildings or even estates to survey. Substantial savings can be made as the UAV can cover greater distances and deliver 4K video footage. We can even deliver live footage if required.

We deliver your stills and video footage via a password protected web page for your convenience. We have access to multiple software platforms, making integration with your systems effortless. If you require a home roof survey, you can find out more at our domestic roof survey page here . Contact us for a bespoke drone survey solution for your construction project.

Integrating your roof survey with BIM

Building Information Modelling is the current gold standard in the construction process. Integration of the roof survey with BIM is important for the larger jobs. The drone footage can be adapted to generate a 3D model of the roof. This allows the design team to create accurate drawings and highlight immediately the potential challenges and difficulties. The benefit of using a drone here is the improvement in accuracy. The technology in the latest drones can better analyse topography compared with more traditional methods. For very large projects, drones can be used at different stages of the production progress to give detailed and up-to-date progress.

Drones are revolutionising the BIM process, with Level 2 BIM required on all large-scale construction projects, using drones speeds up the process, delivering more accurate information and thereby reducing costs.