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Chimney Stack Flaunching

Flaunching is the mortar bed that secures the chimney pots to the chimney stack at the top of your home. The flaunching should be laid on an angle to allow any water to easily run off onto the roof and then gutters.

The easiest way to check your chimney stack flaunching is to view drone footage of your roof and chimney stack. With an aerial viewpoint, you can see if there are any visible cracks in the mortar bed or pointing. This will allow you to work out what tools and materials are needed to rectify the situation before anyone even has to get onto the roof.

Using a drone site surveys aerial inspection will allow you to be more informed on the state of your chimney stack, the flaunching around the stack, your ridge tiles, eaves, and gutters. If water ingresses into your chimney stack, when temperatures drop this can freeze and expand and “blow” the fragile mortar. Be proactive, not reactive with the maintenance of your chimney stack and roof.

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