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Mortar Depth Analysis on Ridge Tiles



Water Ingress Roof Survey

Drone Site Surveys were called by a house renovator to get a closer look at the roof and chimney after they noticed water ingress during the renovation of a property. The customer didn’t want to risk someones safety using a ladder to get survey the items they need as they are at the highest point of the roof.

When water makes it’s way through into the house, a full roof survey is needed. There is a possibility that loose tiles or poor mortar on either the chimney pointing or the ridge tiles at the pinnacle of the roof leave enough space for water to makes it’s way through.

Using our drone, we were able analyse the clay tiles, dry verge & bricks around the chimney. We also got a close look at the eaves and determined that mortar had started to erode and crack around the ridge tiles. This was leading to water makings it’s way into the house.

The client asked us to provide a roofer to help put the roof back into good health. We passed the job to one of our network of roofers to repair and add  high-strength cementitious mortar to the ridge tiles. This stopped the water ingress and the house owner was good to carry out more renovations.

Although this roof repair involved issues with the ridge tile mortar, our drone would also have been able to spot problems with the pointing, bricks, slate tiles, ceramic tiles or even clay tiles. All of our roof surveys are carried out by a full qualified drone pilot using 4k video technology. We can provide you with the video, still images and a written survey if required (eg. if you need to show your landlord or housing association).

If you feel like you could benefit from a roof survey then please contact us to arrange a free no obligation quotation on or call us direct on 07449 973 926.

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