RAAC Surveyors - Assisted by Drones

What is RAAC -
Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

RAAC is a reinforced with steel, aerated concrete created with no coarse aggregates which is cured under heat and pressure in an autoclave.

RAAC has been used as a building material (roof and wall planks as well as wall panels) in mainly public sector and commercial buildings between the mid 1950’s and early 1990’s.

Although this product has many sound building properties, this product is significantly weaker than conventional reinforced concrete typically used in buildings.  

RAAC Inspection Flat Roof Survey by Drone

Drones to Speed up RAAC Analysis

Benefit of Drones in RAAC Surveys

Drones can add massive benefits to RAAC Surveys providing imagery, 3D Modelling and Thermal Flat Roof investigation – all scaffold-free!

Although drones on their own cannot identify this type of concrete in buildings, as it is typically covered, they can definitely assist and collaborate with the RICS Surveyors who will normally carry out these surveys. 

The first step is a visual inspection carried out using drones to identify the roof condition. With a detailed roof image inspection you can identify every visible anomaly on the roof covering. 

Using a combination of drones and photogrammetry software, we can quickly collect 3D and Point Cloud Data which can be processed into highly detailed models. The models will allow you to identify roof deflection and sagging which will allow the surveyors to implement an urgent remediation program of works. 

As BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) Level 2 qualified thermographers, our drone pilots can carry out thermal investigations and write accredited thermal reports. 

Thermal Flat Roof Surveys can identify temperature variations in flat roofs, which when carried out under the right environmental conditions can identify water ingress. Water ingress below the roof covering could lead to delamination of the reinforced concrete planks, reduce the insulating benefits, speed up the steel corrosion, and ultimately lead to the failure or collapse of the roof structure. 

Using Drone Site Surveys allows for speed of survey, with our company being set up to deliver multisite surveys across the UK. If you have a program to identify this concrete type, contact us to receive consistent reporting in all areas of the UK. 

Point Cloud Survey
Top Down Thermal image of Flat Roof

Identify RAAC Deterioration with a Drone Inspection

Schools Identified in the UK with RAAC

The UK Government has identified a list of schools in the UK along with new updated guidance on dealing with RAAC and you can read about it here https://educationhub.blog.gov.uk/2023/09/19/new-guidance-on-raac-in-education-settings/ 

It should be noted that RAAC has been identified in many other buildings besides schools. 

Why you should consider Drone Site Surveys

Drone Site Surveys as a national drone services provider delivers consistent images and reports so that your reporting is not varied and unpredictable. 

We have developed systems and processes that ensure that your reporting is always dependable and unchanged. 

As qualified thermal drone operators, we can analyse and tune thermal images so that you get the right information from the thermal images. As BINDT Level 2 qualified thermographers, we can also write accredited thermal reports unlike some operators who just take thermal images without considering the right environmental conditions and being able to tune and analyse the images. 

As UK wide specialist multisite drone services providers, we have also developed branded delivery portals for all images, video, reports and models, taking away the need to download any images or data which can clog up your servers. 

You can also view some of our other visual services here at https://dronesitesurveys.co.uk/visuals/