Remote Measuring using Lidar and Photogrammetry

Measurements using Photogrammetry

By scanning your site as part of the creation of a Virtual Tour, we create an accurate 3D model of the area.

This then allows you to take measurements within the tour, whether the width of a door frame, the height of a handrail or any other requirement right from the comfort of your computer.

Drastically reducing the need for you and your staff to be on-site, cutting the time and expense of travel and negating the need for valuable time to be spent out of the office.

Using LIDAR scanning technology, along with photogrammetry software to help build a recreation of your space online, this means that measurements can be made within the online environment with a 1% accuracy.

photogrammetry measuring software
3D Dollshouse with remote measuring
Measuring using photogrammetry

Save Time on Site - Use DSS Onsite Measurements

Surveyor Support Services

Drone Site Surveys works with Surveyors across the UK providing them with remote measuring services.

We have a variety of surveying tools and drones to cover all scenarios on site. 

Our tools allow us to create Point Clouds from our geometric data collection, which in turn lets the surveyors extrapolate situational information and even export the data to CAD. 

We offer non intrusive solutions to measuring buildings, sites or estates and can provide external or internal measurements, or a combination of the two, to give surveyors a complete overview. Using the most up to date photogrammetry software along with our calibrated surveying tools, allows surveyors to take measurements direct from the imagery taken.  


3D Photogrammetry

3D photogrammetry is the process of garnering 3D spatial information from photographs. The science behind the process is that many overlapping pictures are taken and then “stitched” together to  turn flat 2D images into 3D digital models. 

Drone Site Surveys has a selection of RTK (Real Time Kinematic) drones that we use in conjunction with an RTK GNSS base station that generate centimeter level positioning data for highly accurate measurement results. 

Photogrammetry for measuring purposes
Pix 4D Photogrammetry Measurement of Point Cloud

Measuring Remotely- Call now to discuss Options

Benefits of Remote Site Measuring

Allowing Drone Site Surveys to take on site measuring and visuals can free up your team, remove the need for travel, stay Covid-19 safe and plain and simply get accurate measurements. 

This will save time, money and reduce company health and safety instances. 


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