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A roof survey is usually one of the most difficult areas of a building to survey. There are a number of items that are traditionally required for surveyors to complete an in-depth report. Equipment such as cherry pickers, MEWPs, or scaffolding are generally required. Even then you still can’t achieve the angles and overviews that a drone survey allows. The equipment used traditionally can also come with associated time and expense. For example, if you are surveying a roof on a main road, you may require permits and lane closures. You then also have the issue of working at height which is a definite risk to life or serious injury, no matter what the situation. However, at Drone Site Surveys we work smarter to produce faster, cheaper, and more accurate data for you and your clients.

By carrying out a drone survey, we can complete a task that could take days (or even weeks on larger buildings or sites) into much smaller time frames. Not only that, we do it with fewer people and can reach parts of the roof that you could never dream of using old-style surveying methods.

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Roof Types We Cover

Using our drone, we can survey roofs and buildings of all different shapes sizes and height. Our drones can operate in classified airspace up to 400ft but we have drones that can achieve above 9,000 feet, like our Phantom 4 RTK SDK. The Phantom 4 RTK can also achieve Ground Sample Distance (GSD) accuracy of 2.74cm at 330ft flight altitude.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat, hipped, gabled, mansard, or any other roof type. Our drones can get within 1.5m of the roof and with zoom lens attached, we can focus and highlight as small as a single roof tile in stunning UHD 4K quality. These pictures will become a permanent record that all stakeholders can view, and decide on the appropriate course of action for maintenance or replacement. They can also be used for a schedule of condition survey to share amongst your team.

We can cover every roof type out there with ease, not only that, we can do so with fantastic accuracy. Utilising the best and most accurate RTK drones out there, aligned with photogrammetry software, we are able to produce roof surveys with highly accurate measurements.

Roof Survey Data We Produce

We understand that every project is different. For example, if you are a homeowner with a leaking roof or maintenance issues, or a surveyor carrying out an asset condition report, you will both require different data. Drone Site Surveys can provide just still or video images, or we can also supply highly accurate measuring services using photogrammetry software.

Producing everything from just imagery, right up to RICS Accredited surveys for you to deliver directly to your client. They may even form a basis of an insurance claim for your property repairs. The bonus of our surveys is that we use a drone with UHD 4K capabilities. This allows you to store the images, share them with your team, and keep the images as reference points. You can also see areas of the roof that you are unable to see using a traditional survey taken from a scaffold or elevated platforms such as the back of chimney stacks etc..

Alongside the written surveys, we can provide measuring and 3D renders. A 3D model allows you to get a quote for repairs with absolute accuracy. Safe in the knowledge that you are not over or underpricing the task at hand.

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Matrice 210 surveying drone

Drones Survey Faster & Safer

At Drone Site Surveys, we have a variety of UAVs with differing capabilities, dependant on the task at hand. They all provide quicker, safer, and more accurate ways to complete specific tasks. Using a drone allows us to reach heights never before possible and survey parts of your building that would only have previously been accessible via dangerous working at height options. Not only that, using a drone, certain tasks can be completed by just one operative, where other solutions may require many people on-site to safely carry out the data gathering.

While on-site, we are able to carry out surveys of large areas quickly. Our drones can cover many acres in a single day if required. Data can be collected and processed in short time frames, with high-quality data collection. A roof survey for large commercial sites can take many weeks to complete with traditional methods. Drones can have a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours! This includes the taking of and analysis of the footage, to delivering the results.

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