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Stock Condition Survey

An external stock condition survey is a visual inspection of the outside of your home. Using drones it will usually take less than 30 minutes on site per property. The drone pilot/surveyor collects information on the condition of your home and then analyses the images and creates a detailed report.

We Evaluate Stock Condition?

The results of the stock survey will be used to help understand the work required in the medium and long term to maintain your assets. We assess your buildings for planned future repairs, maintenance, and improvement work.

The Benefits of Periodic Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys enable the landlord to forecast the age and condition of the housing stock strategically. Components allow the provider to forecast when work will need to take place. This means funds can be put in place and plans made to accommodate residents

Brings to light any immediate problems – for example, health and safety concerns which can be addressed straight away Stock condition – we will assess the age and condition of major external elements of your assets, such as the roof, windows, facade (inc brickwork render or cladding), doors, fascia’s, soffits, and gutters. Depending on the type of survey requested, we may consider property grounds and boundaries.

Drone Condition Surveys
Drone Condition Surveys

Scope of Works for External Elevation Repairs

Who will be carrying out the stock condition survey?

Our experienced construction drone pilots will be on site collecting the images and any data required. Our in-house building surveyors or one of our RICS partners will be creating the reports.

Our onsite staff will be wearing a full uniform with ID Badges to prove that they are a bona fide employee of Drone Site Surveys.

If you have any doubts about the worker’s identity, then please call our HQ on 0345 017 5592.

What will be covered in the survey?

Typically, we cover the following:

Exterior: the roof, gutters, walls, windows, doors, fences, and walkways are examples of exterior components.

Interior features include the heating system, kitchen, bathroom, and insulation.

Additionally, we will document the building’s basic layout, as well as any communal areas and the building’s internal and external characteristics.

The survey should last up to 30 minutes for an apartment and up to 60 minutes for a house. We’ll need to have access to every room in your home, ideally. We won’t be collecting any of your personal items while capturing the photographs for the survey.

This survey contains no inquiries regarding any unfinished house improvements. Please use the regular procedure if you need to report a repair.

Will someone need to be in for you to carry out the survey?

You do not need to take time off work or wait at home for our visit – we are able to carry out our image collection without you being at home. If you are not home when our drone pilot calls, they will leave a calling card informing you that we have been.

Benefits of a Stock Condition Survey

Stock condition surveys make it possible for the landlord to prepare – It is possible for the provider to predict when work needs to be done by evaluating the age and condition of the dwelling stock and its components. This indicates that resources can be allocated and housing arrangements can be created.
Also brings to light any immediate issues, such as health and safety concerns that must be handled immediately.

If you have any questions about our Survey

If you have any questions or concerns over our staff visiting your property then please get in touch at

Stock Condition Surveys
Stock Condition Surveys
Chimney Stock Condition Survey

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