Save Time and Money on Stockpile Measurements

Stockpile Measurements

Measuring stockpiles traditionally, using surveying tools and Surveyors can be a laborious and time-consuming process. However, utilising drones to carry out the task enables the volumetric measuring to be completed in a fraction of the time.

RTK Drones aligned with Ground Control Points give highly accurate measurement results from the air. With Progress Surveys we can accurately measure aggregate stockpile workflows and movement. UAV’s are able to take topographical surveys in a fraction of the time than has been previously possible, giving you, the client greater control over your assets.

Get Accurate Real-Time Results when Measuring Stockpiles

Stockpile Usage Tracking

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies across the world frequently monitor their stockpiles. Using RTK drones can greatly improve the speed, accuracy and delivery of stockpile data. Here at Drone Site Surveys, we offer daily, weekly and monthly surveys, enabling you to monitor and track your aggregates, consistently.

It’s not just about tracking the usage, we use our photogrammetry software and drones to provide measurements of installations combined with stockpiles. With these measurements, you can easily track any mismanagement of your stocks. Start using drones and you will never be uninformed again. We can give you exact data, aligned with time-lapse management, which will visually display the movement of the stockpiles between visits. This could lead to an increase in site productivity and job profitability.

Photogrammetry Software

We’ve briefly touched on this, however, this is the lifeblood of what we do. Without photogrammetry software and RTK drone technology, we would be unable to measure and turn our aerial footage into data that can be processed.

Dependent on your requirements, we use a number of different software platforms for our deliverable data options. Every photogrammetry package that we use offers slightly different deliverables, however, they all offer topographical and measurement options. We can also create 3D rendered models that allow for, as well as the stockpile measurement, the degree angles of slopes, and the depths of any trenches on site.

Drones allow any Material to be measured, including Gravel, Limestone, or Dirt.

Working Smarter With Drones

Using drones to measure stockpiles has a huge advantage. We can perform scans of wide areas in a single day, we can scan over 100 acres of land and stockpiles to provide you with measurements within 24 hours. This means we can be on-site for short periods, yet still provide you with the fastest delivery of data available. As we can cover more space in less time, and measure irregular shapes, even conical, we are a much more cost-effective way of measuring your stock.

If you’re interested in having us complete a few measurements on your site then please get in touch.

Use Drones to Manage More Effectively - Work Smarter