A Selection of our Drone and 3D Scanning Services

Find below a brief description of a selection of our services. On this page we will detail the services offered and the various terminologies used.

Drone Site Surveys specialises in giving you the customer, the right blend of services so as to achieve the best deliverable outcome for your project.

As a company we work directly with businesses and homeowners, although we work closely with surveying companies providing them with aerial and on site measuring and photogrammetry services.  

We specialise in multisite projects that usually need to be completed quickly. We have the team and the kit to enable seamless delivery of your projects.

Please email us on info@dronesitesurveys.co.uk or call direct on 0151 482 9464 to find out how Drone Site Surveys can help you. 

Solar Panel Surveys

We carry out solar panel surveys on domestic and commercial properties.

We provide visual 4K images backed up by high quality thermal imaging.

Drone Site Surveys regularly include thermal imaging within our roof survey packages.

We provide reports from our own Level 2 qualified thermographers that explain the thermally tuned images.

The tuned images allow us to identify thermal anomalies, heat loss, water ingress and missing or degraded insulation.

If you are a surveying company and require surveyor support services, we can also provide fully white labelled options which can also include your branding.

Time Lapse for Construction

Time Lapse Videos

Drone Site Surveys provides time lapse videos for construction sites across the UK. 

We offer multiple options based on your requirements. We have outdoor and indoor options, videos to live feeds, monthly updates, day or night, we deliver. 

We can condense construction projects from over 12 months long, into as little as 30 seconds. We provide fully edited videos with your company branding at the end of the project as a permanent reminder, and these can also be included on your website and social media feeds. 



Roof Surveys – Domestic and Commercial

We carry out aerial roof surveys on domestic and commercial properties.

Our pictures can highlight everything from a slipped tile to mortar erosion (yes the cameras are that good)

We regularly include thermal imaging within our roof survey packages.

We can provide reports from our own surveyors, RICs accredited partners or just pictures. Whatever works for you, we will aim to accommodate.

From a residential home to a full commercial estate, we can take pictures quickly and without any need for external access like scaffolding, MEWPs, ladders or access towers.

If you are a surveying company and require surveyor support services, we can also provide fully white labelled options which can also include your branding.

Drone Survey Wirral

Disability Access Surveys

We carry our Visual Disability Access Surveys firstly using a drone (to get an overview of the approaches to your building) and then coupling this with internal 3D scanning to identify, amongst other metrics, access and egress points.

We identify all points to make your building Document M compliant whilst also creating a digital visual record of your building.

These type of visual recordings allow you to share your images to surveyors, contractors and stakeholders for opinions, quotations and even take measurements. 

Using photogrammetry software and the cameras that we use, allow you to take accurate measurements from within the images.

If you would like to find out more, click the button below to read all about our visual disability access surveys.

Measuring using Drones and 3D scanning

Using the latest technology in Drones and 3D scanners, aligned with photogrammetry software we are able to extrapolate highly accurate measurements from the data collected.

Dependent on what your project requires, we have a measuring solution.

DSS has RTK SDK Drones that can produce measurements +/- 2cm from over 100m up in the air.

We can also create internal floorplans from our 3D internal scanning.

You can get a great overview of any site along with a 3D internal scan with floorplans, without having to leave your desk.

Survey Drones

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Drone Site Surveys have drones with inbuilt thermal cameras and drones capable of adding, as a payload additional thermal cameras.

We can fly over your property and take a UHD 4K standard image, and then a comparison thermal image of the same area. This will give a direct comparison to highlight any areas that require further invasive investigation.

The thermal pics highlight anomalies within the building fabric that include, heat loss, standing water, missing or defective insulation etc.

All of this from a non-invasive flyover and photogrammetry processing.

3D Tours

3D Tours can be known by a variety of different names, from VR, Virtual Reality, StreetView, 360 or even Matterport Tours.

Whichever name you use, a 3D tour allows you an “access all areas” pass to view a premises from the comfort of your desktop, tablet or phone.

3D Tours are traditionally used for promotional purposes, however we at Drone Site Surveys are increasingly using tours in construction site settings as they are a great way to share visually project updates.

We offer a variety of different tour styles, which can differ depending on the type of camera used. Some we can fully white label, build floorplans within, install measurements options into or even have ability to self host.

If you would like to discuss which option best suits your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

3D Rendered Context Model

Drone Site Surveys creates 3D rendered context models using drone footage.

Unlike architects who create 3D visualisation renders of what they are going to build, we create renders of actual buildings that are complete and on-site.

DSS also creates landscape and topography renders for measuring and visualisation purposes.

Using photogrammetry software to “stitch” the drone images together allows us to take highly accurate measurements from within our photogrammetry software.

Site Progress Surveys

One of the greatest drone applications has to be site progress monitoring.

Here at Drone Site Surveys we have developed and continue developing the information that can be extrapolated from the data collected on site by our drones and 3D scanners.

Dependent on your requirements, we have a variety of software systems available to use.

Whether you just want regular progress image updates, or if you require on site measurements including Volumetric and Depth measurements, we can accommodate.

All site progress surveys are bespoke, so you can book from daily to monthly or any combination that suits your project.

Drone Imagery

We have a variety of drones, suitable to undertake any project.

Our drones can take high-quality UHD 4K still images and video.

We have drones that can take zoom images, normal stills and thermal pictures.

I have included a selection of aerial images here.

If you require any further info please email info@dronesitesurveys.co.uk or call 0151 482 9464

Lidar Scanning

LIDAR – “Laser Imaging, Detection and Ranging” and is also known as 3D laser scanning.

LIDAR Scanning uses a laser to light up objects and gather data from the reflections it receives via it’s sensor.

The various differences in the light received by the sensor enable this an accurate picture to be created of the area scanned.

This picture is often reproduced as a 3D interpretation of the scanned area.

LIDAR scanners are used a great deal in numerous application, from 3D modelling of objects to land surveying, and can be used in a variety of ways, from handheld and ground based or attached to a UAV for aerial data capture.


Point Cloud Creation in Pix4D photogrammetry software
Pole Cams for Surveying by Drone Site Surveys

Pole Cameras

When carrying out survey photography, sometimes a drone just doesn’t deliver.

There are occasions when it is either not possible or impractical to capture the required data by drone, whether due to restrictions or regulations on the site or other factors.

In order to ensure we deliver the necessary data for our clients, we also have the option of pole cameras which allow us to get pictures at height in any situation.

Our pole cameras are fitted with the highest quality cameras to capture 4K imagery with remote view via mobile WIFI.

To comply with the UK’s drone laws there are certain shots that we are unable to take, such as a building frontage on a busy main road. We can however use our drones to capture the roof and back of the building shots, and then take images using an extendable pole cam of the front of the building and stitch the images together in our photogrammetry software.

360 Video

Using our high quality 360 video cameras, we can capture incredible immersive 360 video which allows viewers to take control of their viewing experience.

While 360 video does not give users as great an autonomy and the complete agency of a Virtual Tour , where they are free to fully control the experience, the direction of travel is pre-determined but the viewer can look around the area in full 360 view.

Using photogrammetry software allows the video images to be stitched together to give a better user experience.

A 360 video can be viewed on your desktop, tablet, phone or even through a VR headset.

This type of video is shot using a specialist omnidirectional camera or by a series of cameras linked together.

Live Streaming

This is a service we provide to our Surveying partners, which allows them to work remotely while our drone pilot is on-site.

A surveyor can log into our streaming account and display the live stream from the drone camera on their computer, communicating directly with the pilot during the flight and direct the flight remotely.

This helps ensure that the precise data required is captured by the pilot and that any issues can identified while the drone is on-site, giving the surveyor the chance to gather further data immediately.

Point Cloud

A Point Cloud is a dataset of measured positions in space representing points at X, Y and Z co-ordinates, usually defining the surface of a scanned structure.

Point clouds can be generated by a number of methods but are often the result of LIDAR scanning, though we can create point clouds for large areas using drone data collection and specialist photogrammetry software.

Point Cloud Photogrammetry export to CAD


An Orthomosaic is an accurate image of a large area which is created by joining together multiple photographs of smaller sections of the total area.

These images are geometrically corrected (orthorectified) to make a map of the area.

This method of image capture and processing allows high resolution pictures and maps to be created of a large area with uniform scaling and without geometric distortion.

Triangle Mesh

A triangle mesh is used in 3D computer graphics to define the surface shape of an object. The 3D model is made up of a set of triangles, each joined by their common edges to define the shape of the modelled object.

When creating a 3D image and point cloud using photogrammetry software, the triangle mesh allows the creation of a smooth surface to the model.

Topographic Survey

A topographic map is used to demonstrate the shape of the Earth’s surface using elevation contour lines which connect points having the same level of elevation above or below a determined surface (usually above AMSL – Above Mean Sea Level).

These contours allow easy representation of the height and shape of features such as hills and stockpiles, along with the depths of trenches and the steepness of slopes.

These maps are also often colour coded, with each colours representing a specific height.

360 StreetView Tour

As Google approved photographers we can take StreetView images and upload directly to Google Maps and Google My Business.

The StreetView 360 images can be taken outside and in, so that we can bring Google inside your business.

The interactive image in this section is of a recently opened football themed hotel near Anfield, Liverpool.

We have brought “Google inside” so that you as a potential customer can view the various communal and bedrooms in the hotel from the comfort of your desktop, tablet or phone.

stockpile measuring with drones

Volumetric Measurement

By capturing an area with our DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone, paired with the DJI RTK 2 Mobile Station, and processing the imagery in specialist photogrammetry software to build a highly accurate 3D model, with cm grade accuracy.

Once we have built this model, this allows us to use this to gather further data to calculate volumetric measurements of stockpiles etc. determining m2 areas and m3 cut and fill.

Planning, Elevation and General Arrangement Drawings

Drone Site Surveys carries out planning and elevation drawings for all project types.

A General Arrangement Drawing demonstrates the layout and location of the features within an area, giving an overview of the general composition of the building or space.

A GA plan drawing is a top-down view showcasing the layout of the building and the structural elements, whereas a GA elevation drawing is taken from the side of the building to show the vertical arrangement of features.

Elevations and layout drawings for planning applications

Digital Surface Model – DSM

A Digital Surface Model is the creation of a 3D representation of the Earths surface. A DSM includes both natural and man-made features on the surface including trees, shrubs, buildings, vehicles etc.

Data capture to create a DSM can be carried out by LIDAR scanning or aerial photogrammetry using specialist software.

DSMs can be used for a variety of purposes, from identifying vegetation patterns for management to urban planning when considering the effect of new construction on existing areas.

360 Static Image

360 Static images allow you to rotate the image by spinning it around a full 360 degrees.

We take this style of image when measurements are not required.

This style of image allows us to cover multiple rooms quickly to give an overview.

We take this type of image using a 360 camera on a tripod placed in the centre of a room. This gives a great overview of the whole room.

Click and drag on the image shown here to explore the room from every angle.

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