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You could be thinking of a window survey for a variety of reasons. It could be part of your regular maintenance plan, your windows could be old and tired. Even if you’re be upgrading for aesthetic reasons or even to improve your buildings carbon footprint Drone Site Surveys can help.

Drone Site Surveys regularly carry out commercial window surveys on tall buildings, although we also carry out domestic window surveys, usually as part of our thermal survey package.

Whatever your reason we can get pictures with our drones from angles that have previously been unable to achieve. Using RTK Drones, we can get highly accurate measurements which will be great for guidance on pricing, although if you are considering replacing your windows you should always consult your window supplier before manufacture.

Window Inspections

Scaffold Free Window Inspections by Drone

Windows Affect Energy Rating

It’s important to survey your windows and doors at regular intervals. As an example UPVC windows have an expected lifespan of 20 years. However, with or without maintenance can mean between 10 and 35 years lifespan. Windows and doors are the only moving parts to protect the inside of your building from the elements. Windows are directly exposed to weathering including rain, wind, snow and anything else that nature can throw at them. Over time, the different elements of your windows, the frame, the glass panes (sealed units), the openers and the seals can all degrade and fail. Whether your frames are made of plastic, metal or timber, or your glass panes are single, double or triple glazed, they need maintenance. As soon as any degradation starts, your energy loss goes up, your heating bills go up, and your carbon footprint is increased

With a regular window survey, you can stop and remediate problems before they turn into larger ones. Saving you time, money and reducing your carbon footprint. Always remember prevention is better than cure.

Reduce Working at Height Risks During Window Survey

We regularly carry out window surveys using drones. Our pilots are all PfCO registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and regularly fly up to 400ft, where no additional permissions are required above the norm. Just to put that into perspective, and taking into account every building is unique, 400ft equates to between 32 and 36 stories high. One of the great benefits of a scaffold-free inspection is the ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of the survey.

There is no need to put your team at unnecessary risk. When using Drone Site Surveys you can get the right information quicker and more cost-effective than has previously been available. That’s why we are working smarter to give better options to the construction industry.

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