Cell Tower and Phone Mast Inspections

UK Phone Mast Surveys

We offer phone mast surveys, cell towers, radio towers and mobile phone mast inspections throughout the UK. Whatever you call your mast, whether it is a monopole or lattice tower, a pole or surface-mounted antenna, a stub mast or flagpole, 4G or 5G, or any other name, we inspect them! 

Depending on your requirements we can provide imagery, video, 3D Modelling, Geo Referencing or even specialist photogrammetry software analysis. 

Save time, money and cut down on engineer visits with our visual surveys. From our imagery, you can take height measurements, the azimuth angle of the antenna, downtilt and plumb. 

Drone Site Surveys can provide fast, accurate and comprehensive detail in all locations including city centres and rural settings across the UK.

Hidden in plain site cell tower inspections and surveys

Digital Twin Masts from only £299.00+VAT*

Drones are the Solution to Modern Telecom Inspections

Using drones for inspecting telecom infrastructure saves time, money and allows
providers the information to make more informed decisions regarding their

As well as providing digital twins and creating a snapshot in time of the physical towers, having your asset surveyed by drones allows you to prioritise your engineer workflow and reduce downtime in your networks.

Using drones we are able to reach the most difficult areas with ease. Whether your towers are in highly built-up city centre locations or the most rural of locations, our drones can reach and analyse, without a scaffold in site!

We at Drone Site Surveys are multi-site specialists, with our infrastructure created to deliver multiple jobs in short time frames. We also offer bespoke branded digital delivery portals so that all your jobs are contained in a password protected, non indexed portal for your ease of accessing your images and data. 

Phone Mast Surveying in Rural Locations by Drone Site Surveys Ltd.

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Cell Tower Inspections and Surveys - Pricing Options

Here at Drone Site Surveys we offer multiple options depending on our clients requirements. 

We can provide high quality detailed imagery, 4K video, 3D Modelling (using photogrammetry), geo location (adding Ground Control Points) and specialist software analysis, or a combination of any of the listed services. 

*Our pricing of Cell Tower inspections starts from £299.00+VAT and depends on locations and quantity of towers to be inspected. 

Drop us an email or give us a call to chat with one of our experienced surveyors to discuss the options that we offer.