Site Progress Monitoring With Drones

What is Site Progress Monitoring?

Site Progress Monitoring by Drone Site Surveys is visually reporting the sites progress by taking images, video and collecting data at set pre-agreed times, usually weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  

This imagery and data can be shared with all construction professionals and stakeholders, cutting down on the need for site visits.

How long does it take to Monitor the Site?

Each site is different, but we can usually get all the images and data collected within 1 hour onsite. The real-time comes back in the office, processing into the agreed formats.

Air Pollution Survey

Smart and Visual Progress Monitoring

What Data can we Collect when Progress Monitoring?

Our drones can be set to record point cloud data that will enable us to create a 3D model of the whole site. From the 3D model we can extrapolate depth, height, length, and volumetric measurements. We can create Topo’s, Digital Surface, Elevation and even Terrain Models from the data collected in one flight. 

Benefits of Monitoring Site Progress from Above

The most obvious benefit is safety, drones are really safe and they reduce the need for walking around a site to view progress. Its much better to view the site from the comfort of your office chair.

There are many benefits to having reporting of this type, from reducing unnecessary site visits from stakeholders, to resolving conflict resolution disagreements.  

Pollution Data
Pollution Data

Improve Efficiency and Save Time with Unbiased Reporting