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Portfolio and Multi-Site Surveyor

Drone Site Surveys are the leading multi-site roof, façade, drone surveying & data collection specialists in the UK. With our network of strategically located pilots across the country, as well as being able to react quickly, we can also deliver multi-site surveys and inspections in a timely manner without comprising on quality or accuracy.  

We are able to capture high-resolution images from hard-to-reach areas. This allows us to conduct comprehensive inspections of any property type, including complex properties quickly and safely.

Our reports can give clients detailed appraisals on the condition of their roofs and elevations. Then they can be used to identify areas in need of repair or maintenance. Existing clients also use the information to develop or add to existing long-term maintenance plans that can help to extend the building life cycle.

Access your Data With Ease

For our multi-site clients, we also offer branded client delivery portals, giving clients easy access to all images, reports, 3D models, and all data in a safe, secure, and familiar online environment. We customise each branded portal to suit the client’s needs and requirements, allowing them to easily manage their property portfolios.

Drone Site Surveys also offers a variety of drone services and data collection to clients that can assist with environmental issues, planning applications, mapping services, and other decision-making processes.

We have a commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and efficient services in easy-to-digest formats and aim to meet all the unique needs that our clients have.

York Drone Survey
Damaged Tiled Roof Inspection With A Drone

Get a Quote for Surveys on Your Whole Portfolio

Benefits of Multi Site Drone Inspecting

Drone Site Surveys offers a offers a range of drone services to clients across a variety of industries, and we specialise in multi-site visits.

Many of our clients are Registered Social Landlords, Facilities Managers, Chartered Surveyors, Insurance Companies etc. and have multiple locations that require regular inspection and surveying.

Our multi-site visits are a game-changer for our clients. Instead of having to schedule separate visits for each location, we can survey or inspect multiple sites in a single day, saving our clients time and money. Plus, our drones are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to capture highly accurate and detailed data that traditional surveying methods simply can’t match.

Knowing your portfolio condition visually allows our clients to mitigate risk and increase efficiency with actionable insights.

Multi Site Drone Surveys