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Drone Surveys Hull

By employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/Drones) to examine, measure, and map areas without the need for time-consuming and expensive equipment hire, Drone Site Surveys help the construction sector work more efficiently. You may avoid using scaffolding, cherry pickers or other high-vantage points to see your project or construction site by having a drone survey in Hull.

As a Construction Line Gold-accredited firm and a CAA-approved drone company, we have conducted thousands of drone surveys around Hull and the East Yorkshire area.

We can give photographs and videos of your structures from unbelievable heights using the most up-to-date drone equipment. With photographs and video accessible in resolutions up to 4K, all of our stuff is extremely high resolution.

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Kingston upon Hull, another name for Hull, is a historic port city that was established in the 12th century. It is situated 39 miles east of Leeds and 22 kilometres southeast of York near the mouth of the Humber River in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the eastern United Kingdom. With its historic buildings, museums, historic squares, theatres, galleries, cafés, and gardens, especially the well-known Queen’s Gardens, the city is quite picturesque. It also has excellent rugby and other sporting facilities.

Drone Inspections Hull

If you don’t need a report, you could only want to have your Hull site inspected. Together with you or your surveyors, our pilots may examine the entire structure or only the areas that are crucial to you. With today’s technology, we have live streaming systems that enable viewing while donning a virtual reality headset, enabling you to visit the location and instruct our pilots to investigate any locations you like. You and your team may witness the drone inspection in progress thanks to remote streaming. You may again steer us on the proper path or receive a deeper, more in-depth look at your assets by speaking directly with the pilot.

We offer every video from our drone inspections in high definition, with resolutions up to 4K accessible. Drone inspection of your assets offers a less costly, quicker, and more dependable method of inspection without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers, or other pricy machinery. Furthermore, it only takes 48 hours to complete the process from the site inspection to the distribution of the photos. You may share the safe, password-protected URL where our drone inspections are sent with your staff, vendors, or contractors who could be doing repairs.

To schedule your drone inspection or survey anywhere in the Hull area, get in touch with Drone Site Surveys right now. After gathering some information from you, our staff will offer a customised price.

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Roof Surveys

Top-notch roof survey services are our area of expertise. We provide quick and thorough inspections for both residential and commercial premises. Our cutting-edge drone technology enables precise and thorough evaluations of the quality of roofs, offering priceless insights to both individuals and businesses. Drone surveys provide accurate information so that you may make well-informed decisions about the maintenance and care of roofs, whether you’re looking for damage, evaluating structural integrity, or planning for maintenance. You can rely on us to deliver a smooth and profitable roof inspection experience thanks to our experience and cutting-edge aerial imaging capabilities.

Drone Mapping Hull

In addition to surveys and inspections, we can also offer detailed site mapping. We can map your place so that you don’t have to go there using high-quality pictures, high-precision GPS, and photogrammetry.

With the ability to discern contour lines and precise boundaries (to within one centimetre), this extremely detailed map can aid in resolving clarity concerns. You may then overlay these over photographs to get the whole picture of your building site. You may even combine our drone mapping with real-time updates from the building site and time-lapse videos to get a complete picture of how your project is progressing from beginning to end.

Surveyor Support Services

As well as providing detailed reports, drone mapping, inspections and surveys we are available to be an all-around surveyor support service. Our team understand your role as a surveyor and how to make your job on-site easier. 

Come and speak to us about our surveyor support services as we don’t just offer drone inspections. We can provide internal and external scanning, 3D models and other services to help you measure, inspect and report on some of your assets without ever visiting a site. Let Drone Site Surveys take the labour away from yourself saving you time and money on your projects. 

Monitor Your Building's and Sites From Above

Yorkshire Police Drone Usage Policy

This summary of the rules applies to most drone flights. But you must make sure you know which category your drone is in and exactly which rules apply.

  • Don’t endanger anyone or anything while flying a drone.
  • You must be able to see the drone (including the space around it) at all times.
  • Don’t fly if you’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs.
  • Respect other people’s privacy, and know what you can and cannot do with photos and videos.

Don’t fly:

  • over crowds (known as ‘assemblies’ in the rules)
  • over 400ft (120m) from the ground
  • in Restricted Airspace, for example near aerodromes, unless you get permission
  • where fire, police or ambulance services are responding to an emergency unless you get permission

Depending on which category of drone you’re flying you may need to stay at least:

  • 50m away from crowds and other people
  • 150m away from built-up areas (towns and cities)

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