Drone Surveys & Inspection North Wales

Drone Surveys North Wales

Here at Drone Site Surveys, we enable the construction industry to work smarter by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/Drones) to inspect, measure and map areas without the need for time consuming and expensive equipment hire. By having a drone survey across North Wales, you negate the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers or other ways of viewing your building or construction site at height.

As a CAA approved drone company and a Construction Line Gold accredited business, we have undertaken 1000s of drone surveys across the North Wales and the wider region

Using the most modern drone equipment we can provide images and video of your structures at incredible heights. All of our media is in super high resolution with images and video available up to 4K. We can then back these images with a report for you and your team to understand issues that require further invasive inspection.

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North Wales

North Wales (Gogledd Cymru) also known as Gwynedd is the northernmost Welsh Region which borders both Cheshire and Shropshire. Containing localities including Anglesey, Wrexham, Bangor, and Rhyl, North Wales has a population of approximately 700,000 people.

Airspace restrictions around the area include Caernarfon Airport, RAF Valley, Mona on Anglesey, and Hawarden towards Chester. As the area contains Snowdonia National Park and other areas which bring people to North Wales to carry out a range of outdoor activities there are additional factors that may affect your flight planning. Microlights, Ultralights, Gliders, etc all operate around the region and will have an impact on drone operations

While drone flights require greater planning and authorisation in and around restricted zones, this does not mean that we are unable to fly in these areas. Our trained pilots, alongside our experienced administrative team, will work together to gain the permissions to carry out work in the trickiest of locations!

Drone Inspections North Wales

If you don’t require a report you may just wish to inspect your site in North Wales. Our pilots can work with you or your surveyors to inspect the whole building or focus on sections most important to you. With our technology we have systems such as live streaming allowing viewing by wearing a virtual reality headset. Allowing you to attend the site and direct our pilots to inspect areas you wish. The remote streaming allows you and your team to watch the drone inspection take place. Having direct communication with the pilot you can again point us in the right direction or get a closer more detailed look at your assets.

With our drone inspections, we deliver all footage in high quality with resolutions up to 4K available. Inspecting your assets from the air using drones provides a cheaper, faster and more reliable way of inspection without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers or other expensive equipment. Not only that, from site visit to the delivery of images can be done within a 48 hour turnaround. Our drone inspections are delivered via a secure, password secure URL for you to share with your team, suppliers or contractors that may be carrying out repairs.

Contact Drone Site Surveys today to book your drone inspection or survey anywhere across the North Wales region. Our team will take a few details from you and provide a tailored quote.

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Drone Mapping North Wales

Along with our surveys and inspection, we can provide in-depth mapping for your site. Using high-quality images, high-precision GPS and photogrammetry, we can map your site so that you don’t need to visit. 

This highly detailed map can help solve clarity issues along with being able to see contour lines, and accurate borders (accurate to 1cm). These can then be overlaid onto images to allow you to build up the ultimate picture of your construction site. You can even combine our drone mapping with construction site progress and time lapse video to provide you with an ultimate overview of your construction progress from start to finish. 

Surveyor Support Services

As well as providing detailed reports, drone mapping, inspections and surveys we are available to be an all round surveyor support service. Our team understand your role as a survey and how to make your job on site easier. 

Come and speak to us about our surveyor support services as we don’t just offer drone inspections. We can provide internal and external scanning, 3D models and other services to help you measure, inspect and report on some of your assets without ever visiting a site. Let Drone Site Surveys take the labour away from yourself saving you time and money on your projects. 

Monitor Your Building's and Sites From Above

Snowdonia/Snowdon , Clywd , Gwynedd , Conwy and Denbighshire County Council’s Policies on Drone Usage

Using Drones for Non-commercial Purposes

The more popular smaller drones used for leisure or non-commercial filming (under 20kg generally) do not need to be licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). However, there are principle rules outlined by the CAA to which all users must adhere (see below).

In terms of outdoor use, many organised or charitable events are using drones on a more regular basis and it is important that operators should be aware of their legal responsibilities.

Care and attention are required when operating drones in the mountains due to the high number of walkers. In terms of Snowdon, all the access routes (which are all Public Rights of Way) to and from the summit are geographically very narrow linear corridors with high numbers of walkers. The summit area in particular can become congested especially during the summer months. More than one drone flying around within close proximity of another may give rise to serious concern in terms of public safety.

Please bear in mind that there may also be other aircraft in the area at a low level such as search and rescue helicopters or those used for military training purposes. Operators and organisers should therefore think carefully when operating drones and their potential for causing serious injury and your subsequent potential liabilities.

Using Drones for Commercial Purposes

Commercial users, whether using under 20kg or over 20kg drones, should have a formal UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) qualification accredited by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and operators must have the relevant permission from the landowner.

You will also need Public Liability Insurance and Aviation Insurance Liability coverage. Where necessary, evidence of these documents should be provided. Snowdonia National Park Authority (SNPA) kindly asks all organisers to discuss their activities with relevant Authority staff beforehand to avoid any difficulties.

Operating drones on NPA property such as the Snowdon summit or other SNPA-owned areas such as car parks will require permission and licensing required. This can be arranged through the SNPA Property Section at the National Park Office in Penrhyndeudraeth.

Principle Rules for using Drones in Snowdonia:

  • The aircraft should not endanger anyone or anything.
  • The operator must keep the aircraft within line of sight (500m horizontally and 120m vertically.
  • The aircraft must not be over or within 150m of a `congested area` I.e. a residential area, any commercial or recreational area.
  • The aircraft must not fly over or be within a distance of 150m from an organised open-air assembly (i.e. event).
  • The aircraft should not be within 50m of any vessel or structure.
  • The aircraft should not be within 30m of any person except during take-off and landing.
  • Owners and operators should have, where necessary, the relevant licensing requirements.
  • Operators should pay heed to any requirements under the Data Protection Act for the collection, use, dissemination, and storage of any images/film.


Operators should also note that when drones are being operated in the countryside, they should not hinder or harass livestock, wild animals (including birds) other domestic animals, or pets. Such activities may fall under other legislation and may result in prosecution.


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