Chimneys are an essential part of the majority of most homes in the UK, although we rarely get to see them up close and personal. With stills and video footage from Drone Site Surveys, you can now find out exactly what state of repair your chimney is in.

Chimney Terminology

Chimney Stack

Most often constructed of brick and is usually the most visible element of your chimney.

Chimney Pots

Installed correctly, chimney pots allow adequate ventilation from your homes heating system.


This is the mortar bed that secures your pots to the stack, and prevents rainwater access.

Lead Flashing

Flashings are cut into the brickwork around the stack to maintain a watertight roof.

Cowls, Pots and Caps

These reduce downdraft and stop birds and rainwater from entering the flue.

Lead Soakers

Hidden leadwork at the base of the stack underneath the tiles for water tightness.

Check your Chimney

Get your chimney checked with never before seen footage, allowing you to make informed decisions about the work that may, or may not need carrying out. We provide you with a 4K video that you can even use for leverage with workmen, or even your insurance provider so that you pay the right amount.

Traditional Chimney and Roof Survey

Brick Chimney / 2019 / Liverpool

Scaffolding needed for Chimney Inspection

Chimney Scaffolding / 2019 / Birmingham

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