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Drone Surveys Skegness

Here at Drone Site Surveys, we provide the construction industry in Skegness the opportunity to work more efficiently by employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/Drones) for inspecting, measuring, and mapping sites, eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming equipment hire. Carrying out a drone survey in Skegness means you can avoid the costs and complications of scaffolding or cherry pickers for viewing your building or construction site at height. A significant number of our clients often request a drone roof survey, since the roof is typically the most challenging part of a building to inspect.

As a CAA approved drone company and a Construction Line Gold accredited business, we have performed 1000s of drone surveys across Skegness and the broader Lincolnshire area.

Utilising the latest drone inspection technology, we can capture images and videos of your structures from remarkable heights. All our media is in super high resolution, with images and video available in up to 4K. We then support these visuals with a comprehensive report, aiding you and your team in understanding any issues that might necessitate further, more invasive, inspection.

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Skegness, a beloved seaside town in Lincolnshire, East Midlands, is known for its sandy beaches and lively atmosphere. Positioned approximately 43 miles east of Lincoln and 22 miles north-east of Boston, Skegness sits on the Lincolnshire coast of the North Sea.

A substantial part of central Skegness, given its resort town status, has specific regulation zones impacting drone flight planning. The area features varied routes for recreational and commercial aviation, and regulations over public spaces which all contribute to the complexity of gaining flight permissions and authorisations in and around Skegness.

There’s also a need to account for no-fly zones such as those around HMP Lincoln in the nearby city, with restrictions from the surface to 164 AGL (Above Ground Level), in place to prevent illicit activities such as airdropping prohibited items.

As a bustling tourist area, Skegness has an extensive transport network with road and rail routes, each presenting unique demands on drone operations. In particular, the rail networks should be factored into planning, as Network Rail enforces specific regulations on drones flying near their property, in addition to the standard CAA rules.

However, the requirement for more planning and authorisation for drone flights in and around urban centres doesn’t imply we’re unable to fly in these areas. Our skilled pilots, backed by our experienced administrative team, collaborate to secure permissions, enabling us to undertake drone-based work even in the most challenging locations!

Drone Inspections Skegness

If you’re looking to inspect your Skegness site without a full report, our pilots can collaborate with you to examine specific sections or entire structures. Clients often opt for our drone roof inspections, which offer live streaming for real-time guidance and observation. Our drones provide high-quality footage (up to 4K), offering a cost-effective, quick, and reliable inspection alternative to traditional methods. From the site visit to image delivery, we guarantee a 48-hour turnaround. Results are securely shared via a password-protected URL. Contact Drone Site Surveys today for a tailored quote for your drone roof inspection in Skegness.

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Roof Surveys

At Drone Site Surveys, we commonly conduct drone roof inspections in Skegness for both residential and commercial properties, including chimney inspections. Whether you’re responding to storm damage, performing routine maintenance, or planning solar panel installations, our seasoned pilots are ready to conduct a comprehensive aerial survey. Suitable for both pitched and flat roofs, our services extend beyond visual inspections to include thermal surveys, which can help identify significant heat loss areas.

Drone Mapping Skegness

Along with our surveys and inspection, we can provide in depth mapping for your site. Using high quality images, high precision GPS and photogrammetry, we can map your site so that you don’t need to visit. 

This highly detailed map can help solve clarity issues along with being able to see contour lines, and accurate borders (accurate to 1cm). These can then be overlaid on to images to allow you to build up the ultimate picture of your construction site. You can even combine our drone mapping with construction site progress and time lapse video to provide you with an ultimate overview of your construction progress from start to finish. 

Surveyor Support Services

As well as providing detailed reports, drone mapping, inspections and surveys we are available to be an all-around surveyor support service. Our team understand your role as a surveyor and how to make your job on-site easier. 

Come and speak to us about our surveyor support services as we don’t just offer drone inspections. We can provide internal and external scanning, 3D models and other services to help you measure, inspect and report on some of your assets without ever visiting a site. Let Drone Site Surveys take the labour away from yourself saving you time and money on your projects. 

Monitor Your Building's and Sites From Above

Skegness Council Drone Usage Policy

This summary of the rules applies to most drone flights. But you must make sure you know which category your drone is in and exactly which rules apply.

  • Don’t endanger anyone or anything while flying a drone.
  • You must be able to see the drone (including the space around it) at all times.
  • Don’t fly if you’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs.
  • Respect other people’s privacy, and know what you can and cannot do with photos and videos.

Don’t fly:

  • over crowds (known as ‘assemblies’ in the rules)
  • over 400ft (120m) from the ground
  • in Restricted Airspace, for example near aerodromes, unless you get permission
  • where fire, police or ambulance services are responding to an emergency, unless you get permission

Depending on which category of drone you’re flying you may need to stay at least:

  • 50m away from crowds and other people
  • 150m away from built-up areas (towns and cities)

Read more at Lincolnshire Police Website

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