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3D Modelling with Drones

Here at Drone Site Surveys, we can create 3D models from our aerial drone pictures. Using the latest photogrammetry software we can generate 3D models of whatever we fly over.  It could be a building site or a quarry, a tower block or a mountain, we can model it. By taking multiple overlapping photos during our flight,  we can use the 2D images and stitch them together to create a fully rendered 3D model. From the model, you can take highly accurate measurements. We can also get a complete overview of the landscape and surrounding areas. We create digital spatial models of actual physical areas, as opposed to 3D renders that professionals like architects and engineers create to display their ideas.

Terrain Editing Software

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Creating 3D Models

To create a 3D model from a drone, as well as the drone you will also need a photogrammetry software package and a computer to process the huge amount of data produced. You can also achieve highly accurate measurements when you use an RTK Drone and align with Ground Control Points.

Most drones can be used to create a model. As long as you understand the process you should be able to make and enjoy the render created.

Here at Drone Site Surveys, we use many different drones, depending on the application. However, we are loving our DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK. Aligned with Ground Control Points it provides really accurate and precise modelling.

Once you have decided on which drone and photogrammetry package you will be using, read the manufacturer’s guidance on what processing power you will require from your computer. An underpowered computer can leave your Models wanting, and you will likely be waiting for days to process your images.

Which Photogrammetry Software is Best?

There are many photogrammetry software packages available. Some that try to “catch-all” types of applications and others are industry-specific. If you have the opportunity to use software created for your industry, I would recommend that you seriously consider this as some of the non-industry-specific packages could leave you disappointed. In the construction industry, there are numerous photogrammetry platforms that we use. This is dependent on the client and the client’s requirements.

We have no affiliation with any providers, and we receive no payment for recommendations. However, we use in no particular order Pix4D, Propeller Aero and Drone Deploy. dependant on the client’s requirements.

If there are any new and emerging photogrammetry providers that think they are better than the 3 providers I have named for the construction industry, then get in touch and convince us to give you a try.

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Site Progress Modelling

Using Drones to model your building sites can allow you to streamline your workflow. You can also get access to information more quickly than ever before. We have software that allows accurate timeline reporting, measuring and mapping. Allowing you to visually process your data almost immediately.

We know as a busy Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Site Manager or Construction Stakeholder, your role can be time-consuming and demanding. Having access to the huge amounts of data almost immediately, that previously could have taken weeks to collate, can save you time and money. It can also enable you to make the most informed decisions. We can model daily, weekly or monthly depending on your requirements.

We use a combination of drones and tools to bring you the perfect balance of technology and knowledge to your job. Never let your job fall behind again and look to drones to provide you with a perfect solution for your site.

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